Frontdoor is an AI-powered personal librarian for the internet, designed to help you manage and organize digital knowledge. It allows you to save articles, tweets, videos, and PDFs from the web, automatically tagging and taking notes for later reference. The Frontdoor extension also helps resurface old bookmarks and suggest new ideas while you browse. In addition to bookmarking, it offers community-powered curation, AI-generated summaries, and the ability to import and tag Twitter and Pocket bookmarks.

Early users have praised Frontdoor for granting access to valuable knowledge, its intuitive interface, and the ease of organizing and revisiting content. Frontdoor is currently invite-only and free for early supporters, aiming to create an open and connected knowledge management network.

If you're interested in trying out this tool and improving your browsing experience, consider joining the waitlist or reaching out to the founders for more information.

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