Unleash the Power of LLMs with Freeplay's Public Beta

Meet Freeplay, a breakthrough platform currently in its public beta phase, that's transforming how product teams work with large language models (LLMs). Offering an unparalleled level of control, Freeplay enables teams to prototype, test, and optimize features at lightning speeds.

Prototype Like a Pro

Whether you're managing prompts, experimenting with different LLMs, or tweaking and testing your algorithms, Freeplay handles it all with ease. Its tools offer the ability to:

· Manage, version, and restore prompts anytime you need.

· Track and compare results across different versions to ensure top quality.

· Test different LLMs in your application with just a simple toggle.

Ship with Certainty

Freeplay understands the importance of reliability. It includes features that make deploying your AI models a breeze:

· Automated testing for prompts and chatbots.

· Instant AI auto-evaluations to comprehend results quickly.

· Launch of human labeling jobs for enhanced trust and verification.

· Curation of test cases from both real results and uploads.

Move Your Metrics

Monitoring and refining performance is key to success. Freeplay provides insights to excel in these areas:

· Observation of all environmental interactions.

· Insights to balance quality and cost effectively.

· AI and human feedback incorporation to score production data.

· Continuous improvement through a feedback loop.

Built for Team Collaboration

An easy-to-navigate user interface makes collaborating on prompts, tests, and labeling a job that anyone in the team can pick up and run with. Developer SDKs in Python, Node, and Java, along with various deployment options, cater to your compliance requirements and best practices throughout the AI development lifecycle.

Unleash Your Team’s Potential

With Freeplay, your team can:

· Monitor environments comprehensively.

· Assess prompt cost and latency issues.

· Self-host in your own environment for ultimate control.

· Work collaboratively across various departments.

What the Community Thinks

Praises for Freeplay extend across the tech industry. Here's what industry leaders are saying:

Luis Morales, the Director of Platform Engineering at Help Scout, appreciates how Freeplay has helped them to experiment and refine their AI models for an improved customer experience while managing costs.

Jonathan Widawski, CEO & Co-Founder at Maze, emphasizes the importance of rigorous testing and iteration for customer satisfaction, a process made easier with Freeplay.

For Jake Adams, Co-founder at Grain, the realization that testing LLMs could be challenging led to a greater appreciation of Freeplay's capacity to provide the needed confidence to his team.

Koen Bok, CEO at Framer, notes the benefits of Freeplay for designers who want the flexibility to work with prompts without the constraint of inadequate tools.

To keep up with the latest updates about this innovative tool, consider joining the Freeplay newsletter. As this platform continues to develop and grow across various companies and industries, its impact is becoming increasingly evident. Freeplay is not just an evolving product but a game-changer for the realm of AI integration into product development. For those interested in a seamless, integrated development experience with LLMs, Freeplay is worth exploring.

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Freeplay is a service provided by 228 Labs Inc., 2023.

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