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Free Video Knowledge Base Software

May 17, 2024
Free Video Knowledge Base Software

Are you tired of spending hours creating instructional videos for your customers or users? Imagine having an all-in-one support video platform that allows you to create how-to videos, host a video knowledge base, and provide in-app video support in just a few hours. That's where WowTo comes in.

Benefits of WowTo

· Reduce support tickets by 28%

· Increase customer satisfaction by 80%

· Lower churn rate by 30%


Create How-To Videos

With WowTo's AI-powered video creator, you can easily make step-by-step how-to videos without the need for any prior design expertise. The AI even generates natural voice-overs for your videos.

Host Video Knowledge Base

Choose from a variety of pre-made layouts to create a professional and branded video knowledge base. Update your content easily to keep up with product changes.

In-App Video Widget

Provide better support by offering contextually relevant video help right within your website or app. The WowTo widget lets you bring in-app video tutorials programmatically.

Multilingual Support

WowTo offers native multi-lingual capability, allowing your global users to access videos in their preferred language.

Integrated Video Access

Easily integrate your video knowledge base with apps like Intercom, Slack, and Zendesk for easier access.

Many Ways to Create

Create videos using the Chrome extension, images, or even turn PDFs and PPTs into videos.

WowTo's Video Knowledge Base

WowTo offers a variety of layouts for every use case, including organized layouts for large knowledge bases, branded layouts with full cover backgrounds, and even course-based layouts perfect for education and training purposes.

WowTo in Customer Support Apps

You can bring WowTo's video tutorials category inside your Zendesk Help Center, provide video help right within your Intercom messenger, or even create how-to videos for your Jira tickets and Confluence documentation.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're looking to create how-to videos, build a professional video knowledge base, or offer in-app video support, WowTo is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that streamlines the entire process. Ready to save time and resources on video creation and support? Try WowTo for free today!


· AI-powered tools for voice-overs and multilingual support

· Integration with popular platforms like Intercom and Zendesk


· Limited customization for video layouts

· Some features may require technical setup or integration expertise

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