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Travel planning can often feel overwhelming, with endless research and the pressure of meeting everyone's preferences. However, there's a solution that can make this process easier and more enjoyable – FreePlanTour, an innovative tool that's transforming travel planning.

Why Choose FreePlanTour?

FreePlanTour is an AI-powered platform that instantly generates unique, personalized travel itineraries. Here’s why it’s making waves in the travel community:


Quick Itinerary Generation: Get your travel plans for any destination instantly, without waiting or extensive research.


Tailored for Many Users: Whether you’re a travel agency, a hotel, or an avid traveler, FreePlanTour is designed to meet your needs.


Editable Plans: Easily edit and adapt your travel guides if plans change.


Huge Time Saver: Reduce hours of planning to mere minutes, giving you more time to look forward to the trip itself.


Multi-Lingual Support: Create and read your itinerary in your preferred language, with support for a wide array of languages.

Features at a Glance

For Individuals:


Your Brand, Your Identity: Each itinerary can reflect your personal brand and style, providing a cohesive and custom travel experience.


Two Free Itineraries: To start your journey, FreePlanTour offers two free travel plans without any commitment.

For Professionals:


Serving a Large User Base: With over 500 satisfied users and 150,000 itineraries generated, FreePlanTour is trusted by many.


Efficient and Empowering: FreePlanTour is about saving time and empowering you to focus on the more enjoyable aspects of travel planning.

Pricing Options:


Free Plan: Get started with two free itineraries – perfect for the occasional traveler.


Monthly & Annual Plans: For more frequent users, these plans offer an increased number of itineraries, unlimited edits, and downloads.

Customer Testimonials

Customers like Edurne Varga from Hotel Avenida praise the tool for its ability to enhance their service delivery by offering detailed and culturally sensitive itineraries in various languages.

How It Works

Generating an itinerary is easy. Choose your language, enter your destination, and let FreePlanTour handle the rest. The result is a fully editable and shareable travel plan, ready in no time.

Customer Support

Questions are inevitable, and FreePlanTour's customer support is ready to assist. Whether you're looking to generate more itineraries or require help in a different language, they've got you covered.


While FreePlanTour offers many benefits, consider the following:

· Cost: After the initial free plans, you will need to subscribe to a paid plan for more itineraries.

· Customization: While the tool provides editable itineraries, creating one that perfectly fits all your needs may require personal touches.

Unlock your dream vacation with ease and efficiency. Whether for personal use or professional, FreePlanTour equips you with the tools to craft the perfect journey.

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