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May 17, 2024

Are you a music lover or a music creator? Then we have a great tool for you. Imagine being able to separate different instruments from a music recording. Well now you can with the AI-based music demixer.

What is it?

The AI-based music demixer is a web application that allows you to demix your music files for free. You can decompose your song into bass, drums, vocals, melody, and even karaoke. There are no usage limits, no data storage, and it runs right in your browser.

How it works

The AI model used to power this demixer is pretty impressive. It uses Open-Unmix with the UMX-L pretrained weights to separate the different elements of the music. And all the processing is done on your own computer. This means your files are never uploaded anywhere, ensuring complete privacy and security.

Ready to try it?

For the demo, you can try using a free song by Jaxius Music. And if you're ready to go beyond the demo and use the tool on your own music, you have the option to demix a single track or experiment with batch demixing.



· Completely free: No usage limits, no data storage, and no uploading of files.

· Runs locally: All processing is done right on your computer for maximum privacy and security.

· User support: Individuals can support the site through GitHub Sponsors or PayPal. Companies in the pro music space can also consider advertising on this platform.

· Impressive capabilities: Offers demixing into bass, drums, vocals, and more.


· Performance on smartphones: Runs slowly on smartphones, so it's best used on a computer.

· Technical requirements: The task is CPU and memory intensive, so you'll need some patience and computing power for larger tracks.

Final Thoughts

If you're passionate about music, whether as a listener or a creator, the AI-based music demixer is an incredibly useful tool. It's simple, powerful, and best of all, it's free. So why not give it a try and see what it can do with your music files. It might just give you a whole new perspective on the songs you love.

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