Are you a streamer looking to share your best plays with your audience? Look no further! Framedrop is here to help you easily find and share your stream highlights in just a few simple steps. No more hassle or long nights going through VODs – with Framedrop's AI-powered tools, your best moments are automatically detected and clipped for you. Let's take a closer look at what Framedrop has to offer:

How Framedrop Works

  1. Stream on Twitch as usual: Simply stream your gameplay on Twitch like you normally would.
  2. Find and edit highlights: Let Framedrop's advanced AI process your stream and automatically find all of your best moments for you.
  3. Share your clips on socials: Easily access all of your clips from your stream and share them with your editors and audience.

Top Features

  • Highlight Detector: Let our advanced AI process your stream and find all your best moments automatically.
  • Smart Edits: Coming soon! Our AI will do more than just find clips – it will also help enhance and edit them.
  • Clip Dashboard: Access all clips from your stream quickly. No more endless hours searching through VODs to find that one amazing play.
  • Performance: No software means your PC can focus on what matters – your gameplay.
  • Lightweight: No download and no storage occupation – Framedrop won't bog down your system.
  • Share Your Voice: Easily share the best version of yourself on social media. Quick exports mean no more manual posting.

Creators Vouch for Us

Content creators love Framedrop for its innovative and easy-to-use approach. It has helped many streamers find and promote highlights of their live streams faster, without the hassle of manual editing. With over 2.8 million minutes processed, 16k streams processed, and 304k highlights detected, it's clear that Framedrop is a game-changer for many streamers.

Supported Games

Framedrop currently supports Valorant, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Apex Legends, with Rocket League support also coming soon. Don't see your favorite game on the list? You can always talk to the team on Discord and request support for the games you love.


  • What is Framedrop? Framedrop is a clip creation tool and platform that uses AI to identify a stream’s highlights and automatically clip them in minutes.
  • How do I use Framedrop? Using Framedrop is easy – just get the URL of the VOD you want to process and select the clip you want to export.
  • Is Framedrop free? Yes, Framedrop is and always will be free. Paid features will work as extras to the core tool.
  • Do I have to download any software? No, you won't need to download anything. Framedrop will process the video for you, eliminating the need for additional software.
  • What other games do you support? Currently, Framedrop supports Valorant, Apex Legends, and COD: Warzone, with more games in the pipeline.

Are you ready to share your highlights with the world? Don't wait – try Framedrop now and make the most out of your gaming experience! No sign-up required, no hassle, just easy, AI-powered streaming highlights.

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