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☰PricingSuccess StoriesSolutionsDocument solutionsAddress ProofBusiness CardBusiness CertificatesID CardsInvoiceReceiptsSee all the documents we supportContact Us →Sign UpSchedule DemoLoginResourcesBlogDocumentationTutorialsWhat's NewLoginSign UpSchedule DemoBuild with the power of AI — without manual workTake control of any types of forms & documents. automates data extraction and conversion, enabling your business with digital transformation.Try it for free!Talk to our expertsTrusted byTransform Data: Analog to Digital StructuredExtract data from these documentsReady to get started?Schedule a demoInvoiceReceiptsPurchase OrdersBank StatementsContracts & AgreementsHR Forms & ApplicationsShipping Orders & Delivery NotesLoyalty Members ApplicationsAnnual ReportsBusiness CertificatesPersonnel LicensesAnd much more!Try FormX’s powerful data extraction service!Click on the sample images below to see how FormX transforms physical documents into readable data in JSON.To access our full range of features, sign up a free account at our web portal. @media (max-width: 656px) { .interactive-demo { height: 690px; } } @media (max-width: 416px) { .interactive-demo { height: 810px; } }

Pre-configured Data Extraction ModelsFormX already includes preconfigured data extraction models on general shopping receipts, identity cards, and most of official licenses. You can readily extract data with just a click!Effortless API IntegrationFormX’s data extraction is API-based where results are returned in JSON format. It’s a business- and developer-friendly solution that can be effortlessly integrated to any software!User-friendly Web PortalWith intuitive instructions, FormX can be a low or no-code platform. Users can manage parsing configurations, testing out data extractions or features, and accessing integration materials on our portal.Possible to Scan with Mobile PhoneDocument photos are passed through a set of optimization processes including light and contrast adjustment, skew correction and edge normalization to boost the extraction accuracy.FormX: A Quick Data Extraction How-ToNot sure about what FormX can do, or which feature suits your needs? Here's an overview of FormX's core concepts and protips on how to use it.FormX Demo: Receipt ExtractionWatch this quick demo of how FormX can capture and extract insightful data from real-life physical documents.Effortless Data Extraction from Specific DocumentsWith only a few simple set up steps, FormX’s wide range of features are at your disposal. Data extraction from forms sharing a same format becomes fully automatic.ReceiptsIdentityBusiness CertAddress ProofInvoiceBusiness CardAutomate Invoice Data Extraction with OCR & MLSchedule a demo with us and learn moreSchedule DemoCustomer Success StoriesThe Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Data ExtractionLi Ka Shing Foundation (LKSF) "Instant Relief Fund"Extract Business Data From Official DocumentsThis charity scheme aimed to provide financial support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who were going through a difficult time in Hong Kong. More than 45,000 applications were submitted and comfortably handled by an online registration system, where Form

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