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Revolutionize Your Teaching with Fobizz: The All-in-One Digital Lesson Platform

Fobizz is on a mission to transform the way educators plan and deliver lessons. With a suite of versatile, AI-powered tools, Fobizz saves you time and ignites your creativity. It's designed with simplicity and security in mind, making digital lesson design effortless and GDPR compliant.

AI Tools to Enhance Your Lessons

Fobizz brings the power of artificial intelligence to the classroom. Here's how:

· Chat with AI: Engage in interactive conversations and find new ways to teach complex concepts.

· AI Image Generator: Create vivid, custom images for your teaching materials.

· AI Transcription: Convert spoken words to text. Ideal for creating written records of your audio resources.

· AI Character Chat: Let students interact with historical figures or literary characters in a safe, moderated environment.

· AI PDF Chat: Improve accessibility by extracting text from PDFs for analysis and discussion.

· AI Grading Assistant: Streamline the evaluation of student work.

· AI Image to Text: Turn images into editable text—unlock the potential of visual resources.

· AI Worksheet Assistant: Generate worksheets tailored to your curriculum needs with ease.

· AI Prompt Lab: Access a collection of prompts to inspire lesson planning and facilitate learning.

All these tools are at your fingertips with no charge - a free registration is all you need to begin.

Collaborate and Share with Confidence

Beyond AI, Fobizz encourages collaboration through its variety of sharing tools:

· Worksheet: Design homework or class activities.

· Teaching Board: Manage your digital classroom and display content in real-time.

· Pinboard: Organize ideas and resources for easy access.

· Survey: Gather feedback and opinions from students swiftly.

· Text Editor with AI: Write and edit content with intelligent suggestions.

· Website: Create a class website with minimal fuss.

· Word Cloud: Visualize key concepts for better understanding.

Sharing multimedia content is also easy and secure with:

· Video/Audio/Screen Recorder: Capture lessons or presentations.

· URL Shortener: Simplify sharing with short links.

· File Sharing: Distribute resources without worrying about size limits.

· QR Code Generator: Create QR codes for quick access to materials.

Fobizz Classrooms

Fobizz takes student privacy seriously. With Fobizz Classrooms, students can access AI tools while their data remains protected:

· Data Privacy: No student registration is necessary, and data is automatically erased after 24 hours.

To get more insights and details on how this enhances classroom interactions, please click here.

Your Voice Matters

Continuous improvement is part of the Fobizz ethos:

· Feedback: Your suggestions for new tools are always welcome. Help us evolve by visiting the feedback section.

In Conclusion

Fobizz is crafted with love for teachers, providing an innovative platform to make classroom activities more dynamic and engaging. It's built to accommodate your teaching needs while ensuring that you remain ahead of the technological curve in education. Start using Fobizz for free and experience the difference it makes in your teaching journey.

For further information, access to additional resources, or support, you can contact the team at or explore the FAQ and ideas for teaching sections on their website. Fobizz is made by 101 skills GmbH, a company committed to empowering educators with cutting-edge tools.

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