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November 22, 2023
fobizz tools

Fobizz is an all-in-one teaching AI tool designed to make lesson planning easier for educators. It offers AI-powered tools for content creation, sharing, and classroom management while prioritizing student privacy with GDPR compliance.

AI Chat: Get real-time lesson design suggestions from our AI assistant.

Content Creation:

  • AI Image Generator: Turn text descriptions into images instantly.
  • AI Transcription: Convert video and voice recordings into editable text.
  • AI Image to Text: Extract text and handwriting from images.

Collaborative Tools:

  • Worksheet: Create and share interactive worksheets with students.
  • Teaching Board: Design multimedia teaching boards for lesson content.
  • Pinboard: Collaborate and share content with students using digital cards.
  • Survey: Create and share surveys to gather student feedback.

Media Sharing:

  • Video/Audio/Screen Recorder: Create and share secure recordings.
  • URL Shortener: Simplify sharing with short links.
  • File Sharing: Upload and share files securely via a link.

Fobizz's versatile tools cater to diverse learning styles, spark creativity, and streamline classroom management for all educators.


  • Versatile AI-powered tools for lesson planning and content creation.
  • Collaborative features foster engagement and student participation.
  • Secure sharing ensures data privacy and GDPR compliance.


  • There may be a learning curve to effectively utilize all the available tools.
  • The breadth of available tools may be overwhelming for some users.

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