Flora Incognita

Discover the Flora Incognita App

Flora Incognita is an app that allows you to discover plant diversity with the help of AI technology. Here's what this tool has to offer:

Extensive Plant Identification

  • Identify over 16,000 plant species using the Flora Incognita app.
  • Expand your plant knowledge and learn about the various species that exist.
  • The capability to identify such a large number of plant species means that you can use it to learn about the flora in diverse locations.

Contribute to Science

  • Save your plant observations and become a citizen scientist.
  • Contribute to vital scientific research by sharing your plant observations.
  • Your contributions can help researchers understand and protect plant species better.

Learn Interesting Plant Facts

  • Enjoy extensive plant fact sheets packed with interesting information.
  • Discover characteristics, protection status, and distribution of various plants.
  • Use this feature to educate your friends, students, colleagues, or anyone else interested in the botanical world.

Completely Free and Ad-free

  • The Flora Incognita app is free and completely free of advertising.
  • Works without a constant internet connection, making it a perfect tool for educational purposes in schools, universities, and nature conservation initiatives.

This tool converges AI-supported plant identification with Citizen Science through the research project “Flora Incognita++”.

News from the Project

  • Find out what's happening in the world of Flora Incognita.
  • Read latest updates, posts, and learn about new releases and improvements.

In Conclusion

Flora Incognita is an application that lets you combine your love for plants with scientific research and education. It's a great tool for anyone interested in the rich and diverse world of flora.


  • Does not require an internet connection, ensuring accessibility at various locations.
  • Provides resources for educational purposes.
  • Offers an extensive database of plant species and information.


  • Limitations may exist in identifying irregular or mutated plant species.
  • Potential for the app to misidentify plants when the specimen provided is in poor condition.

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