Discover Flint: The AI Learning Companion for Schools

Technology in education has come a long way, and Flint is a shining example of how AI can support and enhance the learning experience in schools. Flint is a pioneering platform that enables teachers to integrate artificial intelligence into their classrooms in a way that is both personal and secure.

Personalized Learning Experience

Flint stands out for its ability to customize the learning experience, allowing teachers to tailor AI capabilities according to the specific needs of their students. Here's how Flint elevates the learning process:

  • Adapts to Student Abilities: Whether it's for language learning or coding, Flint adjusts the challenge based on individual skill levels, ensuring that every student is appropriately engaged and supported.
  • One-on-One Tutoring: Teachers can design AI to act as a personal tutor for students, guiding them through learning materials and objectives in a conversational manner, just like a teaching assistant would.
  • Flexible Interaction: Students can converse with the AI in written or spoken form, allowing them to practice and improve their communication skills in subjects like foreign languages.

Dedicated to Aid Teachers

Teachers have found Flint to be an invaluable tool that extends their reach beyond the traditional classroom setting:

  • Assignments with AI Feedback: Flint provides auto-generated feedback on student work, giving teachers insights into where students might need further instruction.
  • Real-Time Intervention: By watching student interactions with the AI, teachers can identify and address learning challenges promptly.
  • Extended Support: Flint gives students the chance to interact with a learning assistant outside of school hours, facilitating continued education at any time.

Commitment to Security

Understanding the importance of data protection, Flint ensures that student information is handled securely and with the utmost care:

  • All data is managed on a platform that prioritizes the privacy and safety of student information, especially crucial in an educational setting.

Accessibility and Diversity

Flint does not overlook the diversity of students and educational contexts:

  • Multilingual Support: The platform offers assistance in over 50 languages, making it accessible to a wide range of students from different linguistic backgrounds.
  • Adjustable Reading Levels: Educators can set the reading level and grading criteria that suits their class, ensuring the AI is accessible to learners at all stages.

User Experiences

Educators from various disciplines have praised Flint's impact on their teaching and their students' learning:

  • French Language Practice: "Flint lets advanced students go further while giving struggling students extra help," shares Audrey Lamou, a French teacher. The tailored approach is perfect for language acquisition.
  • Coding Lessons: Jake Kazlow, a Computer Science teacher, has used Flint to automatically scale coding assignment difficulties according to each student's level.
  • History Review Sessions: "Students love it!" exclaims William Heyler, a History teacher, highlighting the platform's role in engaging students.

How Flint Works

Setting up Flint for classroom use is simple, yet powerful:

  • Start with a Learning Objective: Define what you want the students to achieve.
  • Specify Context: Ensure the AI understands the scope of the material.
  • Upload Additional Material: Provide resources for a richer content base.
  • Design Assignments: Choose from various AI-generated assignment types.
  • Set Ground Rules: Create guidelines for the AI to ensure focused interaction.
  • Choose the Language: Pick from an extensive list of languages for AI communication.
  • Adjust the Difficulty: Set the reading level and grading scale for your class.


Flint offers a new realm of possibilities for personalized education, empowering teachers and captivating students. For educators interested in seeing how Flint can transform their teaching experience and their students’ learning journey, booking a demo is just a few clicks away.

For an in-depth exploration of Flint's capabilities and to witness its educational benefits first-hand, visit the platform's official website.

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