Discover Flashwise: Your AI-Enhanced Study Companion

Learning can sometimes be a daunting process, but what if you could make it simpler and more effective? Enter Flashwise, an innovative education app designed to transform the way you study. With its sophisticated flashcards, powered by the latest AI technology, Flashwise offers a personalized learning experience that can help you conquer any subject with ease.

Personalized Study Sets at Your Fingertips

Gone are the days of spending endless hours creating study materials. With Flashwise, you can generate complete study sets in just seconds! This isn't just about efficiency; it's about precision. The app utilizes the newest AI models to create flashcards that perfectly align with your learning requirements.

Engage with the Flashwise AI Bot

Need an interactive learning session? Flashwise has got you covered. Strike up a conversation with the Flashwise AI Bot, which is designed to assist you as you study. It's like having a personal tutor in your pocket, ready to serve you at any moment.

Revolutionary Spaced Repetition System

The magic of Flashwise lies in its smart application of the spaced repetition learning technique. Your study sessions are customized based on how you're performing. Struggle with a concept? You'll see it more often. Master a topic? It'll appear less frequently. This method not only enhances your learning but also guarantees better retention rates. Ditch the cramming sessions and embrace a smarter way to remember information in the long run.

Set Clear Learning Objectives

Flashwise understands the importance of setting goals. That's why it allows you to define daily targets, giving your study sessions direction and purpose. A clear plan and timely reminders keep you on track as you make steady progress towards your educational ambitions.

Flexible Pricing Plans

The app offers several subscription options to fit your needs and budget:




Get started with one trial AI deck.


Unlimited manual decks.


Spaced repetition algorithm included.




Upgrade to 8 AI decks per month.


Enjoy an ad-free experience.


Access the offline study mode.




Opt for 20 AI decks per month.


Continue with ad-free studying.


Use offline study mode.


Get early access to new features.

Choose a monthly or yearly billing cycle, with the option to save up to 23% if billed annually.

We're Here to Support You

In case you have any concerns or need assistance, Flashwise is committed to providing outstanding support. Questions or feedback? Contact the team through:

· Email: support@flashwise.app

· General inquiries: info@flashwise.app

Flashwise promises a powerful and personalized learning journey. Whether you're a casual learner or a dedicated student, this app aims to make your education smooth and enjoyable. Give Flashwise a try, and take the first step towards mastering your subjects with confidence.

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