Financial Chat Powered by AI

If you are interested in investing or understanding the business world, you should know about a tool that can provide you with precise and verified data on public companies. Welcome to FinChat, an AI-powered tool specifically designed for investors and seekers of accurate business-related information.

Global Stock Coverage

With the latest update of version 2.1, FinChat now boasts global stock coverage, including more than 50,000 companies you can inquire about, providing a vast repository of information at your fingertips.

Verified Companies

Some notable companies that you can ask FinChat about include giants like Apple Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Alphabet Inc.,, Inc., and many more. Having such extensive coverage means you can rely on FinChat for information about a broad array of companies spanning various sectors and industries.

Detailed Insights

One notable feature of FinChat is its ability to provide comprehensive insights about company performance. For example, you can input a request for a specific company, such as Microsoft Corporation, and ask for a summary of their last quarter performance, focusing specifically on their cloud business. FinChat will promptly supply you with intricate details, including relevant transcripts from CEO Satya Nadella, providing a comprehensive picture of how the company is doing.

Visualization of Data

FinChat not only provides verified data and insights but also helps you visualize the data effectively. Featuring stacked bar, stacked area, and grouped bar graphs, users can make sense of financial data more easily, helping them to understand the numbers more clearly.

Benefits of Using FinChat


  • Access to vast global stock coverage.
  • Verified and precise data on public companies.
  • Detailed insights and comprehensive performance summaries.
  • Visual representation of financial data.


  • May require some level of financial literacy to fully comprehend the insights and visualizations provided.
  • While FinChat has an extensive database, there may be smaller, lesser-known companies not covered by the tool.

With the prowess of AI and verified financial data, FinChat is a valuable tool for anyone looking to delve into the intricacies of public companies. Whether you're an investor, analyst, or just someone interested in business, FinChat can be an invaluable asset in your pursuit of knowledge and understanding in the financial world.

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