Discover the Power of FigGPT for Figma & FigJam

Designers and content creators working with Figma or FigJam, take note: FigGPT has revolutionized how you write and edit text. This compact plugin marries the capabilities of ChatGPT with your favorite design tools, allowing you to tweak and refine your copy effortlessly.

Easy Text Transformation

With FigGPT, enhancing your text is only a click away. You can swiftly alter text style, length, or formatting, giving you the freedom to focus on creativity without getting bogged down in manual text adjustments.

Create Your Own Custom Actions

Unleash your creative potential by crafting custom quick actions. By setting up personalized prompts, FigGPT enables you to tailor the tool to your unique workflow, allowing for a more efficient design process.

Speak the Language of Your Audience

Communicating in a language that resonates with your audience is crucial, and FigGPT supports this by offering multilingual output. With the ability to respond in over 40 languages, your designs can effortlessly cross cultural and linguistic barriers.

Consistent Messaging Across Designs

Maintain a uniform voice across all your design elements with a global prompt suffix. This feature ensures a designated prompt is included in all actions, even the bespoke ones you've created, ensuring brand consistency.

Magic Populate Feature

Looking to quickly fill your designs with sample data? FigGPT's Magic Populate feature is like a swift breeze that effortlessly sweeps through your designs, randomly populating them with relevant placeholders, saving you time and energy.

Bulk Editing Capability

When you're handling multiple text layers, FigGPT streamlines your workflow through its bulk editing feature. Editing numerous text layers in unison dramatically accelerates your design revisions and enhances productivity.

FigGPT is not just a tool for filling in text; it's an assistant that empowers you to command the nuances of language and presentation within your design environment. Its user-friendly interface and timesaving features could make it a valuable addition to your toolkit, while some may find the need for an internet connection to access its AI functionalities a minor inconvenience. Nevertheless, the benefits of instant multilingual support and bulk text editing are compelling for any designer looking to streamline their workflow.

For more details on how FigGPT can transform your design process, visit the Figma Community plugin page. Remember that while FigGPT enhances efficiency, the magic of any design still relies on your creative touch.

Oleksandr Shevenionov provides this innovative tool, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to enhancing design workflows. Check out the plugin to experience a new level of convenience when working with text in Figma and FigJam.

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