Discover FigCopy: The Text Transformation Tool for Designers

Are you tired of placeholder text that says nothing about your product or service? It might be time to check out FigCopy.

What is FigCopy?

FigCopy is a plugin designed to revolutionize the way designers use text in their projects. The idea is simple: you select a text layer in your design tool, add some context to what you need, and FigCopy generates real copy that blends with your design. No more "lorem ipsum" or generic phrases that don't tell your story.

How does it work?

Once you install the FigCopy plugin from Figma, you can start using it to transform any dummy text into meaningful content. It's designed to personalize the copy based on your own product or service, helping you create an impression that lasts.

Features of FigCopy:

· From Dummy to Real Copy: Transform any filler text into relevant and tailored content for your design.

· Personalization: Customize the copy according to the specifics of your product or service.

· Impress Stakeholders: Use the generated copy to showcase your project in a more professional and polished way.

· New Features on the Horizon: Look forward to exciting additions such as A/B testing capabilities and a variety of templates to experiment with.

Pricing Plans:

· Free Trial: Start with 3 free runs to test out the plugin.

· Subscription: For ongoing projects, subscribe for unlimited trials at $10 a month. If you need more flexibility, you can name a fair price above $0. With a subscription, you get an API key to activate and keep using the plugin without limitations.

Getting Started

To begin using FigCopy, simply install the plugin from Figma. Once installed, you can seamlessly integrate real copy into your designs, leaving a strong impression on anyone who views your work.

Pros and Cons:


· Saves time on copywriting.

· Provides more context-appropriate text for designs.

· Frees designers from the limitations of generic placeholder text.

· Easy integration with Figma.


· It may not replace the nuanced touch of a professional copywriter in some cases.

· The tool is limited to users of Figma.

· Initial free runs are limited, which might not be enough to explore all functionalities.

In essence, FigCopy is a helpful tool for designers looking to elevate their work with authentic, custom-tailored text. Whether you're preparing a presentation to stakeholders or just want your project to stand out, FigCopy could very well be the secret ingredient you've been missing.

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