Are you looking for a more efficient and enjoyable way to study for general education classes? Sphere Labs offers an AI-powered tool that can transform your lecture slides into easy-to-use cheat sheets. No need to spend hours studying material that doesn't interest you – simply upload a PDF of your lecture slides, and let Sphere Labs do the rest.

How it Works

Sphere Labs uses artificial intelligence to analyze your lecture slides and extract the most important information. The tool condenses lengthy lectures into concise cheat sheets, so you can focus on what's truly important.

Pros and Cons


· Saves time by condensing lecture material into cheat sheets

· Makes studying more efficient and enjoyable

· Helps you focus on the most important information


· Dependent on the accuracy of the AI tool in extracting key information

· May not work optimally for all types of lecture material

Get Started Today

Sign up for Sphere Labs' AI-powered tool and take control of your learning experience. Upload your lecture slides, and let Sphere Labs turn them into cheat sheets.

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