Stay Ahead with Instant Investment Insights

In today's fast-paced financial markets, timing is everything. Investors are on a perpetual quest to stay one step ahead, and every minute counts. For those aiming to stay informed, a new AI-powered tool known as FastFacts offers a competitive edge.

FastFacts is a revolutionary platform designed to keep you updated on the latest announcements from more than 2300+ listed companies. This impressive tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to cut through the noise and serve you the most significant news items that could impact market prices – all in a flash. Where traditional media outlets might take upwards of 22 minutes to report on breaking information, FastFacts specializes in delivering concise, readable summaries in a mere 2 minutes.

Features of FastFacts

  • Broad Coverage: Over 2000 stocks, with a market capitalization of 2 billion USD and above, are monitored actively.

  • Speed: From the announcement's release to the delivery of an AI-generated summary via SMS, the entire processing time stands at under two minutes.

  • Intelligent Identification: The AI powering FastFacts is tailored to discern only the most pivotal announcements, ensuring you're not inundated with irrelevant information.

  • Real-time Updates: The 2-minute update pace gives subscribers the ability to make prompt, well-informed investment decisions.

  • Ultra-High Accuracy: Trusted AI technology ensures precise extraction and interpretation of data from official sources.

  • Simplicity: The AI simplifies complex announcements instantly, providing clear insights in seconds.

How FastFacts Serves You

Here's how FastFacts operates:

  1. Instant Capture: The platform immediately collects stock announcements from the SEC and various exchanges.

  2. AI Analysis: In about 30 seconds, AI algorithms analyze these announcements and create succinct summaries.

  3. Quick Delivery: Users receive both the newsletter and a link to the original announcement through their chosen notification method.

FastFacts Trial and Subscription

FastFacts extends a no-strings-attached, 3-day free trial for newcomers to sample the service. Post-trial, a subscription fee comes into play. However, FastFacts assures that even if the stocks you follow don't publish new announcements during the trial, you will continue to receive updates for a period afterward, guaranteeing a comprehensive service experience.

Pros and Cons of FastFacts


  • Access to quick, actionable information could give investors a significant advantage.
  • Reduces the clutter of less relevant news, focusing on potentially market-moving insights.
  • The AI's precision minimizes the likelihood of misinterpretation from original company announcements.


  • There's a possibility you may not receive newsworthy announcements within the short trial period.
  • Subscription-based service means adding to your expense list.

In a world where information is the key to successful investment strategies, FastFacts stands out as a tool that can make a difference. With its rapid delivery and focused content, this AI-powered assistant is redefining how market participants consume financial news. Whether you’re tracking Microsoft, Nike, Tesla, NVIDIA, Meta, Shopify, or any other high-cap stock, FastFacts ensures you're never out of the loop.

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