Discover ezAP: The AI-Powered Study Companion for AP Students

Navigating the challenging terrain of Advanced Placement (AP) courses can be a daunting experience for students. With the barrage of tests, quizzes, and the ever-present pressure of the looming AP exams, it's no wonder students are on the lookout for effective study aids. This is where ezAP steps in as an innovative solution, offering an array of AI-powered tools designed to transform the way students prepare for their AP exams.

Automated FRQ Grading

The Free Response Questions (FRQs) section in AP exams presents a significant challenge, often requiring extensive practice and timely feedback. ezAP offers a unique feature that allows students to receive immediate and accurate grading on their FRQs. Thanks to sophisticated machine learning algorithms, the automated grading system aligns closely with the rubrics provided by the College Board, offering clear insights into where students excel and areas that need improvement.

Personalized, Curated Notes

Note-taking is an essential aspect of effective studying, yet it can be time-consuming and at times, overwhelming. The personalized note-taking companion tool within ezAP simplifies this task. By harnessing the power of speech-to-text technology, students can effortlessly convert their spoken words into written notes. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also aids in better retention of information.

Comprehensive Study Guides

Creating study guides is another time-intensive task that students face. ezAP has removed this burden by providing comprehensive study guides that cover a wide range of AP subjects. These guides are packed with crucial information, summaries, and are geared towards helping students understand key concepts in a fraction of the time it would take to create their own.

AI-Powered MCQ Tutor

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) form a significant portion of the AP exams, and preparing for this format requires practice and strategic understanding. The AI-powered MCQ tutor in ezAP is a sophisticated tool that adapts to the student's learning style. It's trained on real-time data sources and follows College Board's strict guidelines, ensuring students receive the most accurate preparation available.

Seamless Text-to-Speech Tool

In an age where multi-tasking is a necessity, ezAP's integrated text-to-speech functionality provides a significant advantage. Students can turn written content into audio, allowing them to revise and study while on-the-go. This feature not only makes information more accessible but also adds an engaging dimension to the study process.

Join Thousands of Satisfied Students

ezAP is a brainchild of Evan Tu, in collaboration with the talented developers from AVHS and FHS. Together, they have harnessed AI to create powerful study tools that are specially tailored for AP students. By becoming part of the growing ezAP family, students stand to benefit from these innovative features, designed to offer a comprehensive, interactive, and efficient study experience.

While ezAP provides incredible benefits, users should consider the pros and cons before fully integrating it into their study routine:


  • Automated grading of FRQs for immediate feedback
  • Personalized note-taking with speech-to-text technology
  • Pre-made comprehensive study guides to save time
  • AI tutor for targeted MCQ practice
  • Text-to-speech tool for auditory learners and studying on-the-move


  • Reliance on technology may limit traditional study skills
  • The effectiveness of AI grading requires consistent updates and improvements
  • Personal accountability may decrease with the use of automated tools

As technology continues to advance, tools like ezAP represent the forefront of educational innovation, reshaping how students learn and prepare for their futures.

Please note that Advanced Placement® and AP® are trademarks registered and/or owned by the College Board, which is not affiliated with ezAP.

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