AI-Powered Workflows for Unstructured Data

If you’re looking to streamline your business processes and make sense of unstructured data, look no further than Extend. This innovative AI-powered tool is designed to intelligently process various types of data, from documents and emails to images and more. With powerful extraction, classification, and analysis capabilities, Extend brings cutting-edge tools for even the toughest business challenges.

Key Features of Extend

Extend offers a range of features and capabilities to help you make the most of your unstructured data:

  • Extract: Seamlessly extract data from a variety of sources, including PDFs, CSV files, images, and more.
  • Classify: Organize and categorize your data with precision and efficiency.
  • Q&A: Get answers and insights from your data with advanced question and answer capabilities.
  • Analyze: Gain valuable insights and actionable intelligence through comprehensive data analysis.
  • API Integration: Connect seamlessly with other tools and platforms through API integration.
  • Email Management: Efficiently manage and process data from your emails.
  • Custom Workflows: Create customized workflows to automate your internal operations without the need for engineering resources.

Security and Compliance

Extend takes data security seriously and offers a range of security features to ensure your data is always protected:

  • Built-in Confidence Scoring: Deploy with confidence using built-in confidence scoring and human-in-the-loop flows.
  • Enterprise Ready: Whether it’s PDFs, CSV, XLSX, IMG, or HTML, Extend can handle all data types – even messy handwritten notes.
  • On-Prem Deployment: Deploy Extend on-premises within your own cloud for added security and control.
  • SOC 2 Compliant: Extend is compliant with SOC 2 policies and can provide a report on request.
  • Data Protection: Your data is always secure, encrypted, and never used for training purposes.

Join the Extend Team

If you’re passionate about the future of enterprise AI, Extend is currently hiring! Join their team and be a part of building the future of AI for modern enterprises.

In conclusion, Extend offers an impressive suite of AI-powered tools to help modern enterprises intelligently extract and automate their unstructured data. With a focus on security, compliance, and powerful features, Extend is a valuable addition to any organization looking to make the most of their data.


  • Customizable workflows for automation
  • Wide range of data types supported
  • On-premises deployment option for added security
  • Comprehensive security and compliance features


  • Some users may find the extensive feature set overwhelming
  • Limited information on pricing on the website
  • Requires some level of technical expertise for optimization and customization

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