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November 22, 2023

If you've ever tried to dig into a research paper, you'll know that they can be incredibly dense – packed full of jargon and concepts that may be difficult to understand at first glance. But what if there was a way to make these papers more accessible, more like having a knowledgeable friend explain the complex parts to you in simpler terms? Enter Explainpaper, a new, innovative website that promises to be your go-to companion in demystifying research papers.

At the heart of Explainpaper is a unique AI model designed to help you grasp the essence of academic texts. The process is simple: you upload a paper and highlight any text that seems confusing. The site's AI then offers a more straightforward explanation of the highlighted sections. It's like having an expert by your side, breaking down complex ideas into more digestible pieces.

This tool is not only a time-saver but also a confidence booster. Users report that with Explainpaper, their research paper review time has been significantly reduced. The AI's ability to simplify and explain dense sections makes it particularly appealing to researchers delving into areas heavy with specialized language, like AI and machine learning.

From academic scholars to curious minds, Explainpaper seems to have struck a chord with many. Users have praised the efficiency of the tool for their paper reviews, expressing how it helped them confidently delve into complex topics. Others found it invaluable for tackling the jargon in academic papers, and likened the experience to having a reading buddy.

Getting started with Explainpaper is simple and free – a point of attraction for many users who want to become experts in their fields without the hefty price tag that usually comes with advanced tools.

While Explainpaper has been praised for its concept and effectiveness, it is important to consider both the positives and negatives:


  • Simplifies complex academic texts, making them easier to understand.
  • Saves time on research paper review.
  • Free to start, making it accessible to anyone.
  • Provides a learning boost for users delving into new and complex topics.


  • The explanations generated are as good as the AI's understanding and accuracy, which may not always match the nuance of human expertise.
  • It might not cover every field with the same depth, depending on the database and AI training.

In summary, Explainpaper offers a promising solution for anyone looking to dive into research papers without feeling lost in the sea of specialized terms. With its AI-powered explanations, this tool has the potential to transform the way we approach academic texts – making learning a smoother and more enjoyable journey for everyone involved.

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