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Excel Formula BotFeaturesPricingContactSignup / LoginExcel Formula BotWrite Excel and Google Sheet Formulas in seconds using AIInstantly Generate complex formulas using simple text instructions with the help of AIGet Started For FreeFeatures of Excel Formula BotGenerate FormulasGenerate Excel or Google Sheets formulas seamlessly with the help of straightforward text-based prompts.Understand Complex FormulasSay goodbye to the confusion caused by intricate Excel or Google Sheets formulas. Embrace the ease of AI assistance in effortlessly handling them.Generate VBA CodeEasily generate VBA code with user-friendly text prompts, requiring minimal effort.Excel Formula Bot FAQs1. What is Excel Formula Bot?Excel Formula Bot is a website that utilizes natural language processing to generate Excel or Google Sheet formulas based on intuitive text prompts.2. How does Excel Formula Bot work?Excel Formula Bot employs advanced language processing algorithms to understand and interpret the users text prompts. It then generates the corresponding Excel or Google Sheet formula based on the provided information.3. Can I try it for free?Absolutely! We offer a free plan with 5 credits that allows you to test. It is a great way to experience the functionality and quality of our service before considering a paid plan.4. How accurate are the formulas generated by Excel Formula Bot?Excel Formula Bot strives to provide accurate formulas based on the information provided. However, it is always recommended to review and verify the generated formulas to ensure they meet your specific needs.5. Is there a limit to the complexity of formulas Excel Formula Bot can generate?Excel Formula Bot can handle a wide range of formula complexities, including nested functions, multiple conditions, and advanced calculations. However, extremely complex or specialized formulas may require manual intervention or additional customization.6. What payment methods are accepted for the paid plans?We accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. You can choose the most convenient option for you during the checkout process.Ready to Get Started?Get Started For FreeExcel Formula BotContactPricingTermsPrivacy{"props":{"pageProps":{}},"page":"/","query":{},"buildId":"jdHHTZ2reJ7aUc5RyCcV8","nextExport":true,"autoExport":true,"isFallback":false,"scriptLoader":[]}

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