Running a busy schedule and constantly brainstorming ideas but too busy to write them down? Everlogue has you covered with its voice notes organizing and transcription app. Its seamless and easy-to-use mechanism makes it a reliable tool to turn your spoken words into coherent and clear text. Here's a friendly rundown of what this app has to offer:

Effortlessly Create Voice Notes

Forget the hassle of typing your notes out—simply speak and Everlogue will turn your spoken words into recorded memos with just a single click. This voice note creation process has never been easier.

Clear Your Mind

By untangling your thoughts with our voice notes, you can effectively declutter your mind by just dumping your thoughts into the app. The app works its magic and crafts them into organized, clear notes, allowing your mind to be free for what matters most in your day.

Generate Transcript

Perhaps one of the most powerful features is its ability to convert your voice memos into written transcripts. This opens up a world of opportunities as it gives you text-based versions of your spoken content. These are ready to be utilized in whatever way best suits your needs—whether it's writing articles, creating outlines, or simply for revisiting your thoughts later.

What our early access users say: Our early access users have been very vocal and appreciative about the benefits they've reaped from Everlogue. One testimonial reads, "I have always struggled with organizing my thoughts, but Everlogue does the heavy lifting for me. I can now declutter my mind in just a few minutes. This has been a game-changer for my productivity."


· Ease of use—enables note creation on the go.

· Simplistic interface.

· Highly efficient transcription capabilities.


· It may have limited editing features.

· Dependence on quality of speech-to-text translation.

Everlogue provides a seamless and integrated solution into organizing your daily thoughts, making it simpler and more efficient to keep track of ideas without ever touching a keyboard.

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