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November 8, 2023

Escape – API Security is a tool that utilizes GPT to assist developers in creating secure plugins with CI/CD integration, performance and load testing, and implementing over 50 security tests.

Whether you want to speed up your vulnerability assessment, enable continuous security in CI/CD environments, achieve full security observability, prevent data leaks, or simplify compliance management, SecureGPT has you covered.

The platform offers an agentless API Inventory, API Security, and Attack Surface Management capabilities to ensure your business is always secure.


  • Conduct a dozen security tests on ChatGPT Plugins for free
  • Continuous security and observability
  • Support in simplifying compliance management


  • Might be too extensive for developers looking for basic security checks

Escape – API Security is committed to providing security solutions that developers love. Join our waiting list and be the first to build secure ChatGPT plugins for your organization.

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