ENEnglishFree TrialProductTutorialsPricingBlogContact ENEnglishFree Trial10 days free trial LoginDesign better buildings faster with AIAI-Powered Building DesignARCHITEChTURES is a generative AI-powered building design platform to help design optimal residential developments in minutes, rather than months.10 days free trialFrom Idea to Design in Real-timeUsed by architects and real estate developers to optimize the feasibility analysis process with regulatory confidence, rapid iterations, and accurate instant insights. Then, to download the standardized initial BIM model of the site to continue with their traditional workflow.ARCHITEChTURES enables a new and completely disruptive residential design process in a seamless human-machine collaboration. Through our proprietary Generative AI technology, currently international patent pending, our users obtain for each iteration and in real-time, the solution that best suits the geometry, objectives and design criteria entered. This enables the designer to have full control over the quantitative aspects of the design in order to focus on decision-making and improve his added value. The user evaluates the geometric and analytical results obtained and repeats this process adapting the design until his complete satisfaction.Input1.-Introduction of Design Criteria and ModellingThe user inputs the design criteria that the project must meet and defines and models the solution online in an easy and intuitive way in 2D and 3D.2.-AI Optimized Design DevelopmentOur cloud-based IA system generates in real time the geometry that best fits the parameters entered for each user iteration.Output3.-Generation of the BIM solution and Project DataThe platform shows in real time the resulting BIM solution and all its metrics to be later downloaded in XLSX, DXF, and IFC formats.How It Works10 days free trialGenerate optimal building designs in real timeIn the initial stages of a residential project is where the most relevant decisions about its feasibility and added value are made. At that time, multiple factors come into play, from quantitative aspects like regulatory compliance, program or cost to other qualitative aspects that impact the architectural design quality. ARCHITEChTURES encompasses this entire process, helping the designer to meet in an optimal way and in real time the quantitative requirements to focus on providing the highest architectural value to the project.Detailed introduction of design criteriaThe system allows the introduction of design criteria such as minimum and maximum net areas for each room and typology, minimum dimensions of the rooms, heights and vertical communications specifications to ensure the project compliance.Manual project modeling integrated with AIThe user models in 2D and 3D the volume of the above-ground and below-ground buildings and parkings on which the automated design process is performed. The resulting designs can be easily adapted manually to suit user’s requirements.Design optimized to meet users needsThe best solution is the one that best suits the user’s needs. The AI-aided process allows to iterate the design parameters offering in real time the architectural solution that best suits the user’s standards.Real-time BIM model navigable onlineThe system gen

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