Endless Visual Novel

Discover the World of 'Endless Visual Novel'

Imagine a game where every experience is unique, where the journey is yours alone, carved by the innovative fusion of technology and creativity. Welcome to 'Endless Visual Novel' – an AI-powered storytelling game that redefines the way we play and create stories.

This ground-breaking game leverages artificial intelligence to generate every aspect of your experience. As you delve into the game, the AI meticulously crafts the graphics, music, story, and characters. The allure of 'Endless Visual Novel' lies in its variety; no two playthroughs are alike, promising a fresh adventure every time.

Getting Started

To embark on this adventure, start by creating an account to get access to the Open Alpha of 'Endless Visual Novel.' Your account is your gateway to the unfolding sagas within the game.

Community and Updates

Communication is vital in ensuring the players are involved in the game's ongoing narrative. The developers encourage you to join their thriving community on Discord to engage with fellow storytellers, share experiences, and be a part of the game's evolution. For those who prefer comprehensive updates, their subreddit serves as a bulletin board for larger development news. Stay informed and get the latest on major developments by subscribing to the EndlessVN newsletter.

Pricing Options

The game comes with different tiers, offering a range of features:


Free Tier: Jump into AI-generated worlds with official characters and stories at no cost.


Voyager Tier (€9/month): Expand your horizons by generating entirely new worlds from simple prompts, customizing characters, and creating unique locations. This tier also allows you to freely input dialogue, play, and share custom worlds. Newcomers can enjoy a free 14-day trial to sample the full range of experiences.


Creator Tier (€15/month): For those who want to delve deeper, this tier provides access to experimental features, the ability to import personal assets, and offers advanced world generation tools. A 14-day free trial is available to starters in this tier as well.

Credit card details are required for the trials, and Stripe will perform a confirmation transaction, which is immediately refunded.

Frequently Asked Questions

'Endless Visual Novel' is more than just a game; it's a platform for endless creativity. But how does it work? Stories are woven in real-time by the AI, with live dialogue generation. Visuals and music are dynamically produced by the AI during your gameplay. Comparing it to other AI tools, the holistic approach to generating all aspects of the game stands out. The developers are continuously improving and adding features, using advanced AI models and techniques to ensure your adventures are truly one-of-a-kind.

Curious about joining? Keep an eye on updates, pricing adjustments, and new feature announcements. Privacy is a priority; your stories remain your own, adhering to a strict privacy policy.

'Endless Visual Novel' is the brainchild of Augnition Oy, a company dedicated to bringing innovative AI experiences to gamers and storytellers alike. While currently a single-player experience, the possibility of multiplayer features could be on the horizon as the game continues to evolve.

Parting Words

'Endless Visual Novel' stands as a testament to the incredible potential of AI in gaming and storytelling. Whether you're seeking a personal escapade or a canvas for your creativity, this game holds the promise of endless possibilities. To learn more or to join the community in writing the never-ending story, head to their Discord channel and subreddit.

Please take note of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service of 'Endless Visual Novel' and tread the new frontiers of AI storytelling responsibly.

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