Discover the Power of Elto: Your AI Phone Assistant

In the fast-paced world of today, businesses from all sectors are on the lookout for ways to optimize their workflows, save time, and cut down on costs. A new solution has emerged to help tackle this challenge—Elto. Elto is a cutting-edge AI that specializes in handling live voice calls.

Streamlining Industries with Advanced AI Technology

Elto is not just any voice AI; it has made significant strides in various fields such as healthcare, construction, logistics, and travel. This innovative tool can manage calls that last up to an hour and execute follow-up tasks efficiently, revolutionizing the way businesses interact over the phone.

Elto at Work


Healthcare and Insurance: Elto seamlessly navigates calls with payers, managing essential tasks like eligibility verification and prior authorization. It supports healthcare professionals with licensing, credentialing, patient outreach, and more.


Sales and Customer Support: Elto assists teams by handling complex customer inquiries and sales operations.


Diverse Industries: Whether it's third-party logistics (3PL), construction, or travel, Elto steps in to automate calls, saving precious employee time.

Performance That Makes a Difference

Elto brings impressive performance metrics to the table:


Duration and Volume: Calls can be up to one hour long, with the capability to handle 500 calls in parallel.


Efficiency: On average, Elto can process tasks about 38% faster than a human, thanks to its ability to instantly access and record information across applications.

Fully Customizable and User-Friendly

Developed entirely in-house, Elto's AI is highly adaptable to even the most specific and challenging tasks. It offers a range of features designed to make call management simple and effective:


Recording and Transcription: Elto provides a centralized dashboard where you can monitor call tasks, listen to recordings, and review transcriptions.


Integration with Your Workflow: Synchronize call activities with your existing CRM, spreadsheets, and more.


Custom Voices: Choose from standard voices or create a personalized voice clone for a unique touch.


Human-in-the-Loop Options: For complex tasks that need a human touch, Elto has solutions that ensure time-saving without sacrificing quality assurance.

Elto supports an array of applications and executes custom workflows based on call outcomes, which means not only does it help on the phone, but it also assists with the tasks that follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elto is designed to be straightforward and responsive to various business needs. For those interested in how Elto can fit into their operations, here are answers to some common queries:

  • Elto supports a broad range of use cases,

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