The Power of Personalized Cold Emails

When Human Effort Meets AI Precision

Are you spending far too much time tailoring each cold email you send? Personalizing emails can be a resource-draining task involving hours of research, the stress of virtual assistant hiring, and the heartache of scaling efforts. Imagine if this could all be done in the blink of an eye.

This is where steps in to offer a seamless solution. The tool is designed to swiftly generate hundreds of personalized lines, all with a single click. Not only does it save you time and energy but also contributes to increased engagement rates with emails that actually stand out.

Incredibly User-Friendly With Speedy Results

Why choose

· Increased Reply Rates: Tailored engagement with each prospect.

· Extreme Speed: It operates 40 times faster than manual personalization.

· Scalability: Say goodbye to the human resource constraints.

· Automatic Prospect Research: Grabs prospect data from LinkedIn for top-notch personalization.

· Ease of Use: A few simple clicks and you have personalized lines ready to go.

· Affordability: It costs 6 times less than hiring and training a virtual assistant.

How Does Simplify Personalization?

The 3-step personalization process:

1. Upload your prospect list as a CSV file or via a LinkedIn URL.

2. Get your personalized lines in moments, with an updated CSV ready for downloading.

3. Employ them in your cold email tool using them as custom variables, compatible with popular emailing tools like Lemlist, Mailshake, and Quickmail.

Flexible Pricing for Every Need

Single-Purchase Credits: Ideal for variable monthly email volumes, these credits never expire. A single credit allows six unique personalized lines or one complete email per prospect.

Monthly Plans: If your email volumes are consistent, monthly plans let your credits roll over, ensuring you always get what you pay for.

· 100 credits: $15 at $0.15/credit

· 500 credits: $60 at $0.12/credit

· 1000 credits: $110 at $0.11/credit

· 3000 credits: $250 at $0.083/credit

FAQ Tidbits

· Required Data: needs only your prospects' LinkedIn URLs.

· Credit Usage: A credit is good for six lines or one email per lead.

· Integration: Exports as a CSV, which is versatile for use with various cold emailing tools.

· Generation Time: It only takes under a minute to get your result, sometimes up to five during peak usage.


Current business operations demand efficiency, and rises to meet that demand. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or a growing enterprise, the ability to generate personalized content speedily not only fuels your email marketing strategy but also frees up valuable time for other critical business tasks.

Taking your cold emailing strategy to new heights can begin now, with facilitating a modern, productive outreach approach.

Start for free and claim your complimentary 20 credits to explore how can redefine your email marketing efforts.

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