Discover a Streamlined Support Experience with EazyRAG

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, superior customer support can set businesses apart. EazyRAG is here to transform the way companies interact with their users by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to enhance customer support and user onboarding.

Empower Your Users from Day One

A primary challenge faced by many businesses is to turn new users into proficient ones as quickly as possible. EazyRAG addresses this by slashing the number of customer support requests in half. The tool does so by training the AI using existing help documentation and support tickets, allowing it to offer instant responses complete with relevant citations.

Smart Document Discovery

EazyRAG introduces a semantic search feature that revolutionizes how people search through documents. The semantic search can understand the intent behind a query, meaning it's easier than ever for users to find the exact information they require.

Seamless Integration

To add data to EazyRAG, there is a straightforward user interface at your disposal. You can crawl your website, upload a file directly, or integrate through an API. Whatever your preference, adding information is a breeze. Furthermore, the EazyRAG widget integrates effortlessly with major chatbot platforms, delivering a consistent and unobtrusive user experience.

Limited Time Offer

For those ready to take the leap, EazyRAG is currently available at a limited-time lifetime deal starting at $59. The platform promises not only to reduce support queries but also to enhance the onboarding experience by tenfold.

To get started, you simply need to sign in with Google or email, making the transition smooth and easy.


EazyRAG is a partner in elevating customer interaction, fostering stronger relationships between businesses and their clients through AI-powered solutions. It's a tool that streamlines the customer support process and enriches the user onboarding journey, inevitably leading to a more satisfying and engaging user experience.


· Drastically reduces customer support inquiries

· AI gives instant responses with citations from your documents

· Semantic search understands user intent for better document discovery

· Easily integrates with major ChatBot interfaces

· User-friendly interface for data addition

· Time-limited lifetime deal offers significant savings


· Users may have a learning curve adapting to a new tool

· AI requires initial setup and training with existing documents

· May lack the personal touch of human-driven customer service in some interactions

For all the companies aspiring to optimize customer satisfaction through innovative technology, exploring what EazyRAG has to offer might just be the solution.

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