Discover EasyPR: The AI Companion for Public Relations

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, public relations (PR) professionals often find themselves swamped with various tasks that require attention to detail and timeliness. Whether it's staying ahead of media queries, crafting personalized pitches, or building strong media relations, these tasks are crucial yet time-consuming. However, there's a digital assistant that's changing the game for PR agents, and it's called EasyPR.

Simplifying HARO PR with Cutting-Edge Technology

EasyPR harnesses artificial intelligence to expedite and streamline the handling of Help a Reporter Out (HARO) queries. HARO is a platform where journalists post requests for sources, and PR professionals respond with pitches, hoping to get media coverage. Responding to these queries can often lead to valuable press coverage, establishing authority, and generating quality backlinks.

Smart Features of EasyPR

Here's a rundown of some smart features that EasyPR offers:


Smart Keyword Search: This feature enables users to find relevant journalist queries quickly. You can filter through a broad spectrum of media requests to find the ones that best fit your expertise or your company's niche.


AI Query Summaries: Handling large volumes of queries can be overwhelming. With artificial intelligence, EasyPR automatically provides concise summaries, saving time and allowing you to see at a glance which queries are worth pursuing.


Media Outlet DA/DR Strength: When deciding which media outlets to target, domain authority (DA) and domain rating (DR) are important metrics. They measure the power of a website in terms of search engine ranking and overall reputation. EasyPR helps you assess and prioritize media outlets based on these strengths.


AI Personalized Email Pitch Writer: Crafting personalized pitches is an integral part of successful PR. EasyPR's AI pitch writer assists in creating tailored pitches to capture the interest of journalists and increase the chances of securing coverage.


Daily Keyword Email Alerts: Staying up to date with new opportunities is crucial. EasyPR intends to include daily email alerts as an upcoming feature to ensure you don't miss out on any potential queries.


Advanced Query Analytics: Also on the horizon for EasyPR are advanced analytics that will help track the performance of your queries and pitches, further refining your PR strategy.


Journalist Database: To make connection-building easier, EasyPR is expected to feature a database of journalists. This will aid in establishing long-term relationships with media professionals.

Getting Started

EasyPR beckons with the promise of efficiency and effectiveness in the world of PR. It's available to try for free, eliminating any barriers to exploring its capabilities. Public relations tasks needn't be daunting anymore, especially when you have the power of AI on your side.

Begin your journey to enhanced PR productivity by enrolling with EasyPR today. It's designed to save time and amplify your chances of gaining significant press coverage. While the platform does not yet boast certain planned features like daily keyword email alerts, advanced analytics, and a journalist database, the existing capabilities are robust enough to make a notable difference in your PR endeavors.

The world of media is challenging, but with tools like EasyPR, PR professionals have a better chance of staying on top of their game. As the platform grows and incorporates more features, it's poised to become an even more invaluable resource for anyone keen on elevating their PR strategies and results.

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