Have you ever questioned the authenticity of a video or image? Well, now there's an AI-powered solution called DeepDetector. This tool is designed to identify AI-generated or manipulated faces with up to 99% accuracy.

How does DeepDetector work? It starts by extracting all visible faces in an image or video and then analyzing them to detect deepfake traces. The analysis includes the probability of the input being a deepfake and an Activation Map to support the classification.

The benefits of DeepDetector include its fast and accurate analysis, customizable API integration, comprehensive detection of deepfake techniques, and detailed explanations of any detected deepfakes.

DeepDetector can detect a variety of manipulated media, including deepfake videos, face swaps, AI-generated text sources, and AI-generated audio.

Utilizing deepfake detection tools like DeepDetector is crucial in the fight against misinformation and fraud, ensuring the authenticity of documents and safeguarding user identities.

So, the next time you encounter a suspicious image or video, DeepDetector is the solution to turn to for help.

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