Discover the Wonders of AI-Powered Art Creation

In the vast ocean of digital art, a new player has emerged, offering a unique way to harness technology and creativity together. This tool is a beacon for those seeking to conjure up original artwork in mere seconds. With the innovative use of artificial intelligence, anyone can create stunning visuals from the comfort of their web browser.

The platform has quickly become a crowd favorite, already trusted by over 100,000 users and witnessing more than a million new art pieces generated weekly. It stands out not only for its user-friendly design but also for its impressive speed—thanks to server-grade A100 GPUs, the average generation time for an image is a mere four seconds. Users have the option to generate up to four images simultaneously and queue as many as thirty at a time.

Here are some notable features of this groundbreaking tool:


Speedy Performance: Enjoy art generation faster than ever, perfect for those who value efficiency.


Ease of Access: With no downloads necessary, the service is accessible anywhere, on any device right through the browser.


Versatile AI Tools: Dive into a rich selection of AI Models and use natural language to upscale, edit, fix faces, and explore creative possibilities.


The Free Experience: Begin without spending a dime; start with 50 free credits and claim additional daily credits.

Exploring the AI Art Landscape

With a clean, hassle-free interface, the complexity of other platforms, such as confusing colab notebooks, slow software installations, and disorganized discord bots, become a thing of the past. Users can focus solely on the creative process, choosing from eight different AI models and tweaking advanced parameters to bring their vision to perfection.

How Does It Work?

Users can bring their imaginative concepts to life in a few simple steps. Just describe the desired art in natural language, select the preferred model and parameters, and watch as AI transforms those ideas into visual masterpieces.

Commercial Use and Further Information

What about utilizing the art you create? The platform allows commercial usage adhering to its content policy, which encourages legal and ethical use of its services. You can view the full policy here.

Planning Ahead

Although the service is free to start, there are limits in place. After the initial 50 credits, users can claim up to 24 free credits daily. For those with larger aspirations, various subscription plans are outlined here, comparing the features and benefits in detail.

Opportunities for Developers and Marketers

On the horizon is an exciting promise for developers—a public API to integrate into high-volume projects. Marketers can also get involved through the affiliate program, earning a 20% commission on sales and subscription renewals.

Taking the First Step

Getting started with this creative journey is straightforward and commitment-free. With no credit card required, you can unlock a new realm of artistry and become part of a community that's revolutionizing the way art is created.

For more information and to jump into creating your first AI-powered artwork, visit dreamlike.art and take the first step into a world where art and technology blend seamlessly.

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