Dream On, Together

Discover the Charm of Dreams by Snap: A Creative AI Playground

In the ever-evolving world of social media, innovation is the key to staying relevant and exciting. Snap, the company behind the wildly popular social networking app Snapchat, has been a pioneer in bringing augmented reality (AR) to the masses. Back in 2015, when Snapchat introduced Lenses, users around the globe were thrilled to see their faces amusingly, and sometimes bizarrely, altered with digital dog ears, rainbow streams, and more. It wasn't just about sharing a picture; it was about sharing an experience.

Now, as technology has advanced, Snap is rolling out a new feature that merges the fantastical with reality. This feature is aptly named 'Dreams'. With the power of artificial intelligence, Dreams is the latest innovation that allows Snapchatters to dive into new realms of creativity.

Imagine flipping the switch on reality. Picture yourself as a mermaid, weaving through the mysteries of the ocean, or as a noble figure from the renaissance, dressed in finery and poised with elegance. Dreams transports you into these imaginative scenarios, letting you try on new identities and share them with your circle.

How to Access and Use Dreams

Dreams is seamlessly integrated within the existing layout of the Snapchat app. Here's how simple it is to use:

  • Navigate to the 'Memories' section in Snapchat.
  • Tap on the newly added 'Dreams' tab.
  • Using a few selfies, Snapchat will craft a personalized Generative AI model of you.
  • Initially, you get to create eight AI-generated selfies to explore your new avatars.

One of the memorable aspects of Snapchat has always been its community-centric approach. Keeping this spirit alive, Dreams will evolve to include not just individual portraits but also those with friends who have chosen to participate in this feature.

Snapchat offers the first eight creations without charge, fostering an inclusive experience for everyone to experiment with. If you find yourself captivated by the possibilities, you can concoct additional Dreams through an in-app purchase.

Availability and Rollout

Dreams is making its debut in Australia and New Zealand, giving users in these regions the first taste of AI-powered identity exploration. But fret not, as Snap is working diligently to bring this feature to users worldwide in the forthcoming weeks. The incremental rollout ensures that everyone gets a smooth and polished experience.


Snap's new Dreams feature is a compelling fusion of AI technology with the platform's signature playfulness. Whether you're into crafting whimsical characters or just want to switch up your virtual presence, Dreams invites you to explore a boundless digital expression landscape. Keep an eye on your Memories tab, as Dreams might soon become your new creative playground, opening the door to a world where the only limit is your imagination.

For more information on Dreams by Snap and other features, visit Snap Inc. Newsroom.

Pros and Cons of Using Dreams


  • Offers a unique and creative way to express yourself digitally.
  • Harnesses advanced Generative AI technology for personalized creations.
  • Easy to use within the Snapchat app.
  • First few creations are complimentary.


  • Currently available in a limited number of countries (but expanding soon).
  • Creating more than the initial complimentary Dreams requires an in-app purchase.

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