Draw Things

Transform Your Ideas into Visual Reality with Draw Things

In the digital age, artists and creatives often seek innovative tools to help bring their visions to life. Draw Things steps in as a state-of-the-art solution for crafting images straight out of imagination. Nestled within the comforts of your device, it's a burst of magic for your creative process.

Off-the-Grid Innovation at Your Fingertips

Draw Things distinguishes itself by utilizing the advanced Stable Diffusion models, tailored to generate intricate visuals promptly. It caters to those who value their privacy and prefer not to rely on web-based services. With Draw Things, everything occurs within the secure confines of your device, as it functions fully offline.

Compatibility and Accessibility

Designed for a plethora of Apple devices, Draw Things is widely accessible. Whether you are working with an iPhone, ranging from the iPhone XS series to the latest iPhone 14 line, or an iPad Air, Mini, or Pro, the app is just a tap away. It's also tailored for Mac users with an M1 or M2 chip. To ensure a seamless experience, your operating system should be iOS or iPadOS 15.4, or macOS 12.4 and above.

Creativity Unleashed

This innovative platform isn't just about converting text to images. It harbors features like Inpainting Mask and Outpainting, which revolutionize how you interact with your creations. Here’s what you can indulge in:

· Text to Image Generation: Describe your vision in words and watch as Draw Things brings it to the visual realm.

· Text-Guided Image to Image Generation: Guide the transformation of existing images with the power of text.

· Image and Prompt Edit History: Keep a record of your prompts and edits, never losing track of your creative journey.

· Select from Camera Roll: Integrate your own photos into the creative process for a personalized touch.

Tailoring Your Artistic Vision

Draw Things invites users to delve into the professional features of Stable Diffusion without compromise. Fine-tune your projects with a variety of controls, from the Guidance Scale and Steps to Strength, Image Sizes, and more. With the Negative Prompt and Manual Seed, your artistic intent remains unaltered, giving you full reign over the output.

A Palette of Possibilities

Not all art styles are the same, and Draw Things understands this. It provides access to various models to suit your specific style needs, like the Generic Stable Diffusion v1.4, Waifu Diffusion v1.3 for anime aficionados, and even the specialized Stable Diffusion v1.5 Inpainting.

Stay Connected

As you embark on your creative odyssey with Draw Things, a community awaits to share in the excitement of your creations. Interact with fellow users, exchange tips, and stay up to date by joining their Discord or following them on Twitter.

The power to create is no longer the sole realm of artists with professional tools at their desks. With Draw Things, the power to create, innovate, and inspire is nestled right in your pocket. Whether you’re a pro artist, an enthusiastic beginner, or simply someone who loves to play with visuals, this tool unfolds a world where the power of creation is quite literally at your fingertips.

Please note that Draw Things could be less reliable for complex images or might have limitations compared to online tools due to its offline nature. However, for those prioritizing privacy and seeking an easily accessible creative outlet without internet dependencies, Draw Things could be the ideal fit.

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