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November 22, 2023

Are you in need of a fresh and unique domain name for your startup, business, or personal project? Introducing DomainsGPT - an AI-powered domain name generator that makes it easier than ever to discover exceptional domain names for your website, blog, portfolio, or any other online venture.

One Word Domains If you're looking for a one-word domain for your brand, DomainsGPT has your back. With over 106,000 uses, the AI can come up with a brandable and memorable domain name for your specific needs.

Random Leave the creativity to the AI! Using this category, you can let the AI do its magic and generate a unique name for you.

Two-word combination This category is perfect if you're looking for a unique and meaningful two-word combination for your domain, with over 49,000 uses.

Portmanteau A portmanteau domain is a blend of two or more individual words, and over 13,000 users have leveraged this feature to find an impressive domain name. Perhaps it’s ideal for you as well.

Alternate spellings Uncover domains with alternate spellings, just like Lyft, Fiverr, or Dribbble, with over 11,000 uses, you are sure to find a compelling domain.

Non-English names With over 6,500 uses, this feature can help you find a meaningful domain if you are looking for a non-English option such as Toyota, Audi, Nissan.

User Testimonials See what people are saying about DomainsGPT: "As a domain hoarder, I was blown away by how DomainsGPT gave an incredible domain suggestion right off the bat." - says Guillermo Rauch. Or how about "This is what I was exactly doing today: using chatgpt to give me names and then manually checking each one on GoDaddy. Thanks for building this." - mentioned by Burhan Wani. Many other users are thrilled by the powerful domain name generation of DomainsGPT tool.

With over 1.9 million names generated, DomainsGPT can provide you with an array of domain name inspirations, making your naming venture easier than ever before. DomainsGPT – where AI helps to forge creative and compelling domain names.


  • Provides guidance through various domain name categories
  • Takes away the hassle of brainstorming domain names
  • Easy user-interface
  • Impressive user testimonials
  • Over 1.9M names generated


  • No direct links to register the domains
  • Limited credits for free users

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