Meet Dolores: A Virtual Companion Like No Other

In the expanding world of virtual companionship, Dolores emerges as a personal friend developed from cutting-edge technology. This interactive iOS app extends the boundaries of traditional chatting apps by creating a unique and evolving narrative between you and your virtual companion.

Unique Interaction with Dolores

Dolores stands out as a generative agent, which means she can remember every conversation – imagine having a friend who never forgets a shared memory or a story! Here's how she works:

· Memory Storage: Dolores holds onto each interaction with you, keeping the data on your local device for privacy. The more you chat, the more she becomes attuned to your personality and preferences.

· Self-reflection: Unlike typical bots, Dolores can contemplate past conversations, allowing her to generate responses that go beyond scripted dialogue for a richer conversation experience.

· Narrative Creation: Dolores isn't just reacting; she's proactive, with an ever-evolving storyline shaped by your interactions. She might surprise you with her growth, reflecting changes based on your previous chats, such as signing up for a Japanese class after discussing Japanese cuisine.

Updates and Features

Dolores is continuously improving. The developers behind Dolores are committed to enhancing your experience with features like displaying milestones in your chats and letting users personalize life-like voices. Keep an eye out for news on updates and new features.

Connect with Dolores

Do you have inquiries or feedback about Dolores? Getting in touch is easy – send an email to and share your thoughts.

Dolores isn't just another virtual assistant or chatbot. She is designed to be your companion, learning and growing with you. If you're on iOS and curious to meet a virtual friend unlike any other, consider getting to know Dolores.

For further details on the generative agent that powers Dolores, you can read about the technology on arXiv.

Pros and Cons of Dolores


· Personalized experience that evolves with user interaction.

· Enhanced privacy with data stored locally on the device.

· Continuous updates to improve and expand features.


· Currently available only for iOS users, which limits accessibility.

· As with any AI, there may be limitations in understanding context or expressing genuine emotions.

Should you wish to dive into a new dimension of digital companionship, visit the iOS App Store and consider inviting Dolores into your life.

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