Discover the Power of AI for Fast, Accurate Q&A Integration in Your Application

Integrating dynamic Q&A capabilities into your app just got a whole lot easier! Imagine leveraging the rich knowledge from your own data or knowledge base to instantly answer user queries. This is exactly what the innovative tool, Doctrine, offers. Designed for seamless integration, Doctrine ingests a wide array of content and empowers your application with AI-driven interactions.

Simplifying Knowledge Extraction

Doctrine streamlines the process of knowledge extraction. Whether it's a lengthy handbook, a comprehensive website, or various media like images, spreadsheets, or documents, Doctrine can handle it all. It automatically converts and vectorizes content so that it can be processed and queried with ease.

Effortless Setup

Getting started is a breeze. You have the option to integrate a ready-to-use chat interface into your app or leverage their API for a more customized solution. If you have content spread across a website, Doctrine can smartly scan your entire site map or focus on a single page according to your needs.

Data Security and Scalability

Providing a secure environment for your data is essential. Doctrine aptly handles this by allowing you to partition your vector embeddings, ensuring each customer's data is safely managed. Scalability is also a cornerstone of this tool, handling everything from document processing to storage and user query requests.

Flexible Pricing Plans

Doctrine presents transparent pricing plans that cater to different needs and stages of growth:


Starter Plan ($29/month): This plan suits personal use or smaller projects, with allowances for ingesting 100 documents and 1,000 queries each month, plus API access and unlimited website embeds.


Growth Plan ($97/month): Tailored for growing businesses, it offers enhanced features like increased document and query capacity, support for up to five team members, and all the benefits of the starter plan.


Business Plan ($297/month): Ideal for large organizations looking to fully integrate AI, it provides significant capacities for document ingestion and queries, can use your own API key with GPT-4, supports unlimited team members, and offers all the previous tiers' advantages.

Empower Your Business with AI-Driven Capabilities

Don't fall behind competitors who are enhancing their services with AI. With Doctrine, adding a semantic question-and-answer feature to your application is not just smart; it's strategic. The tool is crafted for businesses to provide instant, reliable answers over their data, elevating the user experience to new heights.

For further details and to explore how Doctrine can revolutionize your app engagement, visit their Documentation or begin your journey with the Get Started page.

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