DocsBot AI

Are you finding yourself answering the same questions repeatedly? It would be convenient to have a tool that automates your customer support and saves your team time, right? With DocsBot, you can achieve just that. This powerful tool enables you to create custom chatbots powered by AI, trained with your content and documentation. So, when your customers ask detailed questions, they can receive instant answers.

How DocsBot Can Help You

Here are some ways DocsBot can make your life easier:

  • Question/Answer Bots: Make your documentation interactive with our Q/A bot. Get detailed and direct answers about your product, including code examples and formatted output.
  • Embeddable Widgets: Easily add DocsBot to your website in minutes with fully customizable widgets. Simply add a script tag or WordPress plugin (coming soon) and you're ready to go.
  • Custom Copywriting: Need help writing marketing copy and blog posts? DocsBot can use a customized ChatGPT that knows everything about your product to help you generate high-quality content in no time.
  • Reply to Support Tickets: Train your DocBot on your support history and docs so it can reply to new tickets automatically, saving you time and money.
  • Internal Knowledge Bots: DocsBot can help employees find answers instantly by indexing your internal knowledge base and documentation.
  • Powerful API: Our API allows you to integrate AI chat into your own products, providing answers to your users from your site, app, or WordPress plugin.

Simple Managed Chatbot Service

DocsBot offers a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to index your documentation, blog posts, or any other content with just a few clicks. Once you've done that, you can use our simple API and embeddable widgets to integrate your custom DocsBot into your website, WordPress, app/plugin, Slack, or anywhere else you want to use it!

You can even use our URL & Sitemaps feature to index a webpage, your support docs, or an entire website, including inline images in minutes with our URL and sitemap importers. Just add a link and we take care of the rest. And you can schedule regular updates to keep your content fresh.

Free Trial

Ready to streamline your customer support and save time for your team? You can create your own free DocsBot today. No credit card is required to get started. With DocsBot, you can simplify your support process, improve the customer experience, and enhance the productivity of your team with AI-powered chatbots. Give it a try and see the difference it can make for your business!


  • Saves time and money by automating customer support.
  • Improves the support experience for your customers.
  • Increases productivity for your team by providing instant answers.


  • Initial setup may require some time investment.
  • Customizing the bot may require technical knowledge.

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