Docs AI

Meet DocsAI, your AI-powered document companion. In the digital world, managing and interacting with loads of documents can be a cumbersome task. It would be great to have a smart assistant that could simplify this process. DocsAI is the innovative tool that's here to transform your document handling experience with a touch of AI magic.

Train, Chat, and Create with DocsAI DocsAI is not just another document management tool; it's a full-fledged AI companion designed to make your life easier. Here's what you can do with DocsAI:

  • Train Your Documents: Educate your AI companion on the content of your documents to retrieve any information instantly. It's like having a personal librarian who knows every word of your document collection.

  • Chat With Your Documents: Engage in conversations with your documents. Have a question? Just ask, and DocsAI will provide the answer straight from the contents of your documents.

  • Create Chatbots: Build chatbots capable of solving queries for both you and your users, offering a seamless support experience.

Modernize Your Workflow The features of DocsAI are designed to upgrade your working style:

  • Multiple Sources Integration: Add content from various sources including websites, text files, PDFs, and Docx files, with even more types coming soon.

  • Seamless Integrations: DocsAI already has Slack integration in place, and integrations with Crisp, Discord, and other data sources like databases are on the horizon.

A Personalized Touch Customization is at the heart of DocsAI. Tailoring it to suit your brand and preferences is easy and engaging:

  • Match Your Brand: Adjust the look of your AI companion to align with your brand colors and style.

  • Suggest Better Answers: If the provided answer isn't perfect, offer a suggestion, and DocsAI will learn to improve its responses.

  • Custom API: For advanced custom integration needs, you can use the provided APIs to communicate with the bot directly.

Additional Features DocsAI offers a range of other functionalities to enhance your experience:

  • Chat Agent Capabilities: Embed a chat widget on any site, or share a link to the chat, making your documents accessible anywhere.

  • Valuable Insights: Obtain a summary of each conversation, gauge the mood of the users, and identify leads.

  • Data Analysis: Export chat data and enjoy unlimited conversations to identify trends and boost customer satisfaction.

  • Open Source Potential: If community involvement is your thing, DocsAI promises to go open source once it reaches 100 stars on Github.

Ready to turbocharge your document management routine? Give DocsAI a try and experience a workflow revolution that saves time and increases efficiency.

For pricing information and getting started, just drop an email to or visit their pricing page.

DocsAI is not just a handy tool; it's your next step toward streamlined, intelligent document management. Bring the power of AI to your documents today!

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