Discover the Divi Form Builder: A Tool For Enhanced Website Interaction

Creating forms on your website can often be a task filled with complexities and custom CSS nightmares. However, there's good news for Divi theme users! The Divi Form Builder is the solution you've been searching for. This advanced plugin is the most powerful form builder specifically crafted for Divi users. It simplifies the entire process of creating everything from simple contact forms to more intricate front-end post or product creation interfaces.

Simplify Your Forms with Divi

The Divi Form Builder stands out from ordinary form plugins with its rich feature set. You won't encounter any upsells or locked features after purchase; one price unlocks the full spectrum of capabilities. The incorporation of features such as date pickers, file uploads, spam protection, and newsletter management with Bloom makes it apparent that this plugin was designed with Divi users' needs in mind.

Introducing Divi Form AI

Taking form creation to the next level, Divi Form Builder introduces Divi Form AI. This innovative tool leverages the OpenAI’s GPT API to enrich your form-building experience. Divi Form AI empowers your forms with abilities like real-time language translation, generating recommendations based on user inputs, offering itinerary planning aid, optimizing for SEO, and dynamically populating form fields to customize the user experience seamlessly.

Streamlining Integrations with Bloom

One standout feature is the Bloom Integration which connects Divi Form Builder to renowned newsletter services and CRM platforms. Convenient and easy to set up, it simplifies the task of growing your mailing list and enhancing customer engagement. The integration permits a straightforward flow of data from your forms straight toward your marketing platforms, ideally fitting into your marketing strategies and elevating user engagement.

A Wealth of Features

The Divi Form Builder comes replete with various features and attributes designed to match varying requirements and preferences:

· Radio images for visually appealing choice selections

· Multi-step forms that guide users through a structured submission process

· Frontend post creation for user-generated content

· User registration to grow your website's community

· Over 18 form fields catering to every data collection need

· Database storage for easy retrieval and management of form submissions

· Out-of-the-box integrations enhancing your website's functionality

For those looking for a comprehensive solution, Divi Engine offers a package deal starting from £149 that grants unlimited usage to all their plugins and access to instructional courses, ensuring you fully harness the power of the Divi Form Builder.

To learn more about Divi Form Builder and its wide array of features and capabilities that can help elevate your website's interactivity, you can explore the documentation and demos available for better insights into its utility.

Pros and Cons of the Divi Form Builder:


· Tailored specifically for Divi theme users

· No additional stylesheets, meaning faster website performance

· One-time purchase with full feature access

· AI-powered form assistance with Divi Form AI

· Simple integration with newsletter services and CRMs via Bloom


· Limited to Divi theme users

· The AI features may require understanding of OpenAI’s GPT API for full utilization

· The initial cost might be a consideration for some users

In the end, the Divi Form Builder represents a substantial step forward for web designers and website owners aiming to create engaging and functional forms on their Divi-based website with minimal fuss and a maximum of advanced features.

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