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Discord Diffusion

November 22, 2023
Discord Diffusion

Introducing Discord Diffusion, the new image generation bot for your Discord server.

Discord Diffusion is a customizable bot that enables image generation based on prompts provided by users, sparking engagement and creativity in your community.

The bot is easy to install and fully open source, leveraging Autocode's API integration and serverless hosting platform. Simply link your Discord bot credentials and Stability AI credentials to get started. Don't forget to enable Privileged Intents on your bot to allow it to respond to mentions.

To get started, click the "Install" button above and follow the simple onboarding process. If your bot isn't responding to mentions, enable the Message Content intent to ensure it operates as expected.

Pros of Discord Diffusion:

  • Easily customizable
  • Encourages engagement and creativity in your Discord community
  • Simple installation process


  • Requires enabling of Privileged Intents for full functionality

Bring the excitement of image generation to your Discord server with Discord Diffusion today.

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