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November 22, 2023

Introducing Dify: Your Easy-to-Use AI App Builder

Are you looking to build and manage AI-native apps but feeling overwhelmed by the complexities? Dify is here to solve that problem for you! With an easy-to-use LLMOps platform, you and your team can seamlessly develop AI applications based on models such as GPT-4 and operate them visually. Let's dive into some of the fantastic features of Dify:

AI Application Development Made EasyDify allows you to create AI-powered apps in just a matter of minutes. Whether you need them for internal team use or external release, you can deploy your application in as fast as 5 minutes, saving you time and effort in the development process.

Storyteller BotThe Storyteller Bot can answer specific questions in a dialogic form based on your company's documents, making it a valuable tool for streamlining information retrieval.

SQL Generator, Code Converter, and Text GeneratorDify comes with a wide range of text and code processing tools, including SQL Generator, Code Converter, and Text Generator. These features enable you to convert natural language to SQL, convert one programming language to another, and generate summaries and creative scripts, respectively.

AI Powered by Your DataDify allows you to use your data as the context for AI, automatically completing text preprocessing, vectorization, and segmentation. You can say goodbye to the days of having to learn embedding techniques, as Dify handles this for you, saving you weeks of development time.

Compatible ChatGPT PluginsBring rich tool capabilities to your application with Dify's ChatGPT Plugins. Whether you need to search, connect to databases, avoid sensitive words, or access all APIs, Dify makes it easy to do so while remaining fully compatible with ChatGPT's plugin standards.

Support for GPT-4 and Other ModelsNative support for the GPT family and Claude models allows you to leverage the full potential of LLMs and unlock a smooth experience for model access, context embedding, cost control, and data annotation.

With Dify, you can rest assured that you are getting a reliable, user-friendly AI application development platform that supports continuous improvement and operation. It's all about making AI development a breeze with visual composition, sound application types and templates, and a simple set of APIs to power your AI applications.

So, whether you are looking to build your own AI-powered chatbot or need sophisticated tools for code conversion and text generation, Dify has got you covered. The future of AI application development is here, and it's never been more accessible or user-friendly. Try Dify today and see what you can create!


  • User-friendly platform for AI app development
  • Easy deployment of applications
  • Compatibility with ChatGPT Plugins
  • Support for GPT-4 and other models
  • Seamless integration with data context


  • No pricing information disclosed on the website
  • Limited information on API functionality provided

Overall, if you are looking for a tool that simplifies AI application development, Dify may be the right choice for you.

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