Are you a business owner or developer interested in adding AI-powered chatbots, voice assistants, or recommendation engines to your website? Look no further than Dialoq, an easy-to-use tool that allows you to build AI products without any coding knowledge.

Dialoq is an AI-powered platform that provides several services to help businesses and developers build and embed AI products on their websites. Here are the main features offered by Dialoq:


Chatbots: With Dialoq, you can build AI-powered chatbots using your own data. Customize the appearance of the chatbots and embed them on your website effortlessly.


Document Loader as a Service (DLaaS): Dialoq's DLaaS API allows you to easily load documents without any hassle.


Embeddings as a Service (EaaS): Save time and effort by using Dialoq's EaaS API, which provides AI-powered embeddings for your projects.

Setting up an AI-powered chatbot with Dialoq is incredibly easy and requires zero coding knowledge. Here's how you can create your very own chatbot:


Upload Your Own Data: Dialoq supports various formats, including PDF, .txt, .md files, plain text, and URLs. You can use your own data to train and shape your AI chatbot.


Customize Your Chatbot: Personalize the appearance of your chatbox, set the bot's initial message, and customize its tone to match your brand's voice.


Embed: Once your AI-powered chatbot is ready, you can seamlessly embed it on your website, allowing visitors to interact with it and get the information they need.


1. No coding skills required: You don't need to be a developer to create and embed AI products.

2. Customization: Tweak and personalize your AI chatbot to align with your brand identity.

3. Easy document loading and embedding: Dialoq's DLaaS and EaaS APIs make the process of integrating AI services smooth and efficient.


1. Limited features: While Dialoq is great for basic AI products, it may not offer the extensive customization or advanced capabilities some users seek.

2. Waitlist: As of now, Dialoq is available by waitlist only, which may be a hurdle for some businesses looking for immediate access.

Dialoq is a game-changer for businesses and developers looking to incorporate AI products into their websites without the need for complex coding. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Dialoq is paving the way for a more accessible AI development experience.

Ready to level up your website with AI-powered chatbots and other smart features? Join the waitlist for Dialoq and get ready to reimagine your online presence with seamless AI integration.

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