Are you struggling to understand how potential customers view your brand? Communicating the right message to your audience is crucial for sales and conversions. But what if you had a customizable tool that simplified this process? Let me introduce you to DEZAN - an AI-powered quiz that uncovers your brand perception, allowing you to target your messages with precision for better conversion rates.

Why Choose DEZAN?

  • Rich Customer Insights: Gain valuable insights into how potential customers perceive your brand.
  • Customized Quiz Landing Page: Create a tailored questionnaire to capture the essence of your brand and competitors' perception.
  • Auto-Trigger Messaging: Respond to customer insights with personalized messages that resonate and drive conversion.

How It Works

1. Create Brand Quiz Landing Page

With just one click, DEZAN generates a tailored questionnaire specifically designed to capture the core of your brand and how it's viewed in comparison to competitors. This saves you time and effort while providing meaningful and accurate insights.

2. Deploy the Quiz

Easily deploy the brand quiz where your potential customers are active - whether it's through your website, social media channels, or even through Google AdWords. This allows you to capture valuable insights from those who matter most and drive better conversion rates.

3. Integrate Your Shopify Store

DEZAN even allows you to offer incentives to potential customers, such as coupons for your Shopify store, reaching out to them with personalized messaging and guiding them through the conversion process.

4. Brand Perception Analytics

Say goodbye to manually analyzing survey data. DEZAN leverages Artificial Intelligence to process and analyze data rapidly, generating a brand score sheet along with a marketing/branding brief that provides insights on what your audience values the most.

Pricing Plans

  • Personalize: $50/month - Create custom brand quiz, deploy it on your web, personalized messaging, coupon code installment, brand perception analytics, branding brief creation from customer insights.
  • Personalize + Reach: $500/month - Includes all features from the Personalize plan, plus the ability to list on specific search tags on Google AdWords and obtain brand perception analytics of potential customers.

If you're looking to truly understand how your audience perceives your brand and convert potential customers with personalization like never before, DEZAN's AI-powered brand quiz is your solution.

Give it a try now and revolutionize the way you get more data about your brand perception!

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