Dewey – Your AI Accountability Buddy

If you've ever wanted someone to keep you on track, remind you of your goals, and help you build positive habits, Dewey is here for you.

What can Dewey do for you?


Task Management: Dewey helps you manage your to-do list by sending you text message reminders throughout the day. With Dewey by your side, you'll never miss an important task or deadline again.


Habit Development: Whether you want to start new habits or break old ones, Dewey is there to support you. You'll get check-ins throughout the day to help you stay on track and make those habits stick.


Personal Assistant: Instead of spending time Googling for answers, you can ask Dewey! Need a recipe or want to look up some historical facts? Dewey can do all that and more.

How to get started with Dewey?


Sign up for an account: Provide your mobile phone number and create an account.


Add tasks: Start adding tasks to your to-do list and start talking to Dewey.

Pros and Cons of Dewey


· Personalized reminders and nudges to help you stay organized and productive.

· Can assist with managing your to-do list and help in building new habits.

· Acts as a personal assistant, answering simple questions and providing information.


· Limited to 3 open tasks at a time with the free plan.

· Periodic reminders between 7 am and 9 pm.

Final Thoughts

Dewey is like having a helpful friend in your pocket. It's always there to remind you, guide you, and help you get things done. Best of all, it’s free for up to 3 open tasks. If you want a boost in productivity and a friendly companion to keep you on track, give Dewey a try today.

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