Are you someone who feels overwhelmed by complex legal terms and jargon?

If so, consider using Detangle, an AI-powered tool that can help you make sense of legal documents. Detangle aims to give you the tools you need to understand legal documents, removing mind-numbing legalese and simplifying the text so you can easily understand what each paragraph means.

Detangle essentially becomes your legal assistant, simplifying and explaining legal jargon to ensure you're not left in the dark. By using Detangle, you can save thousands in legal fees and have confidence in legal matters.

By using Detangle, you'll receive a 1-2 paragraph summary of your legal document, giving you immediate insights into what's going on.

The tool shows you which party has the upper hand and why, keeping you from being taken advantage of so you can make more informed decisions.

With large legal documents, it's easy to miss potentially problematic elements. Detangle surfaces problematic issues in seconds, streamlining the process of reviewing legal documents.

Given the frequency of money-related elements in legal documents, Detangle brings those to the top for you, ensuring that you can easily identify and understand financial matters.

Pricing is based on the length of the document, and there are no recurring monthly fees, just a one-time payment based on the document length. Even the longest document will be far cheaper than a short phone call with an attorney.

Pros of Detangle:

  • Helps make sense of complex legal documents
  • Can save money and time
  • Provides a clear summary of legal documents
  • Ensures that potentially problematic sections are highlighted, giving you peace of mind

Cons of Detangle:

  • Not a complete replacement for guidance from a legal professional

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