Delibr AI

Discover Delibr: The Companion for Exceptional Product Management

If you're navigating the complex terrain of product management, you're well aware of the countless decisions, documents, and collaborations necessary to bring outstanding products to life. That's where Delibr steps in – a tool designed to become a trusted sidekick for product teams everywhere.

Generative AI Meets Product Expertise

Delibr isn't just any document-writing tool; it's a solution with generative AI deeply integrated into its core. With insights gained from hundreds of product leaders, Delibr's AI has been trained to focus on what matters most in product management. The AI's expertise helps streamline the writing process, assisting you from inception to completion.

AI-powered Templates

At the heart of Delibr are its AI-enhanced templates. Rather than offering generic outlines, Delibr provides an array of templates tailored for product development – including Product Requirement Documents (PRDs), user personas, and strategy documents. These are not just placeholders but tools designed to guide you in creating distinctive and effective documents.

Your Virtual AI Copilot

Imagine a virtual assistant that not only helps review your documents but also suggests improvements and offers insights. That’s what the AI Copilot in Delibr does. With it, you get the benefits of having an expert collaborator who's always ready to lift the quality of your work.

Organize Ideas with Product Trees

A major hurdle in product management is organizing and prioritizing the barrage of features, improvements, and ideas. Delibr offers three types of Product Trees to tackle this challenge. Opportunity Solution Trees and Jobs-to-be-Done trees help with proactive product development, while Product hierarchies manage reactive responses to user feedback and stakeholder ideas.

From Tracking to Collaboration

Delibr's utility extends to tracking initiatives and tasks using customizable boards and timeline roadmaps. It's a breeze to sequence product iterations and share plans with your team. Furthermore, for seamless collaboration, Delibr allows you to outline requirements, break them down into action items, and invite input from colleagues.

Incorporated within Delibr is also a powerful bi-directional Jira integration. This feature dramatically speeds up ticket creation and ensures that your PRDs and Jira tickets are always in sync, sparing you the hassle of manual updates.

Global Trust and Adoption

As the modern product landscape evolves, many teams like Storytel and Nectarine Health have adopted Delibr to create standard procedures across their product development processes. Testimonials from various product managers across the globe reflect the impact and ease of integrating Delibr into their workflows.

Keeping Collaboration Open and Data Secure

Delibr supports seamless sharing of documents with individuals both within and outside your organization, making collaboration a smooth process. And when it comes to security, your data is treated with paramount importance, protected by SSL encryption throughout the entire application.

In summary, Delibr offers product teams an intelligent platform that not only enhances document creation but also provides systematic approaches to idea organization and iteration planning. If you're a product manager looking to elevate your process, Delibr could be the game-changer you’ve been searching for.


· AI-driven insights and suggestions

· Variety of specialized templates

· The virtual AI Copilot feature for quality enhancement

· Tools for organizing and prioritizing product development ideas

· Efficient tracking and collaborative features

· Seamless integration with Jira

· Strong commitment to data security


· May require a learning curve for teams new to AI-led product management tools

· Dependency on third-party services (like Jira) for some of its features

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