Introduction to Deepform

In the realm of product development, understanding customer needs and incorporating their feedback is paramount to success. This is where Deepform comes into the picture—a platform designed to facilitate the collection, organization, and analysis of product feedback in one centralized location.

Uncomplicated Feedback Collection

At the heart of Deepform is its feedback capture system. Here's how it simplifies the process:

· Centralized Ideas: By storing all suggestions in a single spot, Deepform lets the most supported and discussed ideas rise to the forefront, ensuring that the voice of the customer is always heard.

· Effortless Setup: Launching your feedback portal is straightforward and swift—it takes less than a minute and requires no technical background.

· Simplicity for Users: Users can quickly submit feedback, upvote, and comment effortlessly, encouraging a more robust feedback loop.

· AI-Enhanced Interactions: The platform leverages artificial intelligence to ask pertinent follow-up questions, diving deeper into customer concerns and uncovering issues more swiftly.

Insightful Feedback Analysis

Deepform doesn’t just gather feedback; it transforms raw data into actionable insights:

· Intuitive Admin Interface: Managing feedback is a breeze with a user-friendly admin dashboard that mirrors the public portal’s view.

· Intelligent AI Analysis: Engage in a dialogue with the AI to refine feedback into valuable insights, categorize topics, and draw meaningful conclusions.

· Continuous Updates: Keep your user base in the loop regarding product developments including ideas being considered, in progress, or fully implemented.

Seamless Sharing Options

Making your feedback portal accessible to your audience is as easy as a few clicks:

· Embedding Made Simple: Integrate the portal into your website by copying and inserting just a few lines of code.

· Direct Links: Share a direct link to your portal so that your customers can start offering their feedback immediately.

Expert Endorsements

Industry experts recognize the value of meticulous research and its role in informed decision-making, a philosophy Deepform embodies:

· Roberta Dombrowski, VP of User Research at User Interviews, emphasizes the correlation between the speed of learning through research and quicker, more confident decision-making.

· Xiangyi Tang, Head of User Research at Pitch, supports the idea that greater insight and detailed information on various topics boosts the entire team's knowledge and confidence in making decisions.

Common Inquiries

For those seeking to understand more about Deepform, here's a brief overview:

· What is Deepform? An innovative customer feedback portal tailored for software teams to better understand and integrate customer feedback into product development.

· Deepform's Workflow: It offers a portal for customers to share, vote on, and discuss ideas while allowing software teams to examine this input and convey progress updates.

· Insights Derived from Deepform: By analyzing feedback and discussions, it becomes easier to identify customer demands, trending requests, and potential enhancements, helping to shape a user-centric product roadmap.

Final Thoughts

Deepform stands as a tool designed to bridge the gap between customer expectations and product evolution. If understanding and actioning customer feedback efficiently is your goal, Deepform might just be the solution you're seeking. For further inquiries, or to get started with Deepform, simply visit their website or contact them at

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