Deck Analyzer

Are you interested in refining your pitch deck for potential investors? can assist you with this task. This tool utilizes AI to guide you through the process and offer constructive feedback.

How It Works

· You can upload your intro deck or simply drag and drop your PDF file.

· The AI tool will analyze your presentation and provide tailored suggestions for improvement.

· The scoring system evaluates your pitch across four key categories, giving you a comprehensive overview.

Compare and Compete not only offers feedback but also allows you to compare your startup to others on the leaderboard. This feature provides valuable insights into how you can stand out in the competitive market.

Who Can Benefit

This tool is designed for founders who are raising at the Pre-Seed and Seed stage, helping to guide you through the crucial first steps of securing an investor call. is a user-friendly, efficient, and invaluable resource for anyone looking to elevate their pitch. It offers AI-powered feedback for tailored improvement, scoring across multiple categories, and access to the leaderboard for comparative insights. Some limitations include that it is limited to intro deck analysis and has a maximum file size of 10MB.

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