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If you've ever felt overwhelmed with the manual tasks of copying and pasting data, or scraping websites for valuable information, you're not alone. The good news is that modern technology offers solutions to these tedious and time-consuming tasks.

Enter, a brilliant tool designed to simplify your marketing, sales, and research efforts. is a versatile application that allows you to convert various sources of information, such as files, websites, or emails, into structured data within a spreadsheet or CRM in a matter of seconds. This tool is crafted to save you countless hours and to make information gathering a breeze.

Transform Your Data Collecting Experience

Whether you are looking to create a list of potential investors, compile a comprehensive profile, or save a LinkedIn company profile, has got you covered. Here's how it can make a difference in your daily tasks:


Scrape List of Investors: Building an investor list can be time-consuming, but with, all you need to do is load your initial list into the platform. From there, does the heavy lifting for you by following each link and gathering detailed information for the extended Investor card.


Investor Profile Samples: Knowing your potential investors is crucial for marketing and sales strategy. provides you with full profiles of investors by using existing files or links to their web pages, ensuring that you're always prepared with up-to-date information.


LinkedIn Company Profiles: Keeping track of companies and their activities on LinkedIn is more accessible with Take for example the company DriveWealth; their LinkedIn profile would contain vital data for market researchers and sales professionals. allows you to automatically save such profiles for analysis and reporting.

Accessing is as simple as signing up for a free trial. You can experiment with its features and functionality without any initial investment, providing you with the opportunity to gauge its effectiveness for your specific needs.

Customization and Integration

A standout feature of is its customizability. As your requirements evolve, you can modify templates with ease, ensuring that the application continues to meet the ever-changing landscape of your business needs. Additionally, the integration capabilities mean that can connect with the tools and systems you already use, streamlining your workflow even further.

Conclusion offers a solution that might just revolutionize the way you collect and manage data. No more manual entries, no more time wasted on tasks that can be automated. Give it a try and you may find that it's just what you need to optimize your operations and focus your time on strategy and growth.

For more about its offerings or to get in touch, simply visit their website, or check out their LinkedIn for a taste of what's in store, like DriveWealth's company profile found here on LinkedIn.


· Quick conversion of various data sources into structured formats

· Saves time on manual data entry tasks

· Customizable templates for flexible usage

· Seamless integration with existing CRM systems


· Might have a learning curve for new users

· The effectiveness depends on the quality of the input data

· Reliance on an internet connection for functionality

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