Writing great content often requires more than just a talented writer; it needs a clear direction. This is where a tool like Dashword comes into the picture, simplifying the process of creating content that meets your exact needs.

At its core, Dashword is an AI-powered tool designed to help individuals and businesses generate comprehensive content briefs. Whether you are a content creator, marketer, or just someone looking to commission a perfect piece of writing, Dashword aims to streamline the briefing process by providing a structured outline of what your article should cover.

Using Dashword is pretty straightforward. First, it asks for the title of your article. This isn't just any title; it's the critical H1 tag that encapsulates the essence of your content. Next, it requires a succinct one-sentence description of your article to grasp the topic you aim to explore or explain.

Once you provide the basics, Dashword kicks its AI into gear to generate a bespoke content brief. In moments, you have a document that outlines the tone, structure, and specific requirements of the content. Having all this information neatly packaged together prevents miscommunication and ensures that the writer knows exactly what is expected right from the start.

A well-prepared content brief is like a roadmap for your writer. It spells out everything clearly: the aim of the piece, the voice and tone it should convey, and the structure it should follow. With a solid content brief, the content creation process becomes more efficient and effective, drastically reducing the time sunk into revisions and misunderstandings.

The AI behind Dashword is designed to account for as many critical criteria as possible, saving you from the tiresome back-and-forth with writers. These criteria ensure that the content produced aligns with your strategy and expectations without unnecessary delay or misunderstandings that can arise from a lack of clarity.

The beauty of Dashword is that you can give it a spin for free. It’s a risk-free opportunity to see how much easier your content creation process can become with the help of AI.


  • Saves time creating detailed content briefs
  • Reduces potential for miscommunication with writers
  • Can be tried for free before committing
  • AI-driven suggestions for content structure and guidelines


  • The content brief may need adjustments to meet very specific nuances or preferences
  • Like with any automated tool, there might be a learning curve in using the platform effectively

Creating thorough content briefs is no longer a task that has to eat into your schedule. With Dashword and the power of AI, you can focus on the bigger picture while the minutiae of content planning are taken care of swiftly and smartly. Whether you are briefing an op-ed, a blog post, or an authoritative piece of long-form content, tools like Dashword are changing the game for creators and strategists alike.

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