Win More Deals with Cuetap’s AI-powered Sales Battlecards and Competitive Intelligence

Struggling to stay updated on your competition? Want to give your sales team the confidence and expertise to win more deals? With Cuetap's AI-powered platform, you can do just that.

How Can Cuetap Help You?

Cuetap's AI-powered tools can transform your sales strategy and give your team the edge they need to succeed. Whether you're in Product Marketing or Sales, here's how Cuetap can benefit you:

Benefits for PMMs

  • Share knowledge and make it actionable
  • AI-powered Battlecard data-points creation
  • Easily edit and maintain Battlecards with the latest information
  • Impact on Sales KPIs

Benefits for Sales

  • Onboarding and training
  • Share and curate knowledge of what works
  • Confidence and expertise in sales pitch and positioning
  • Increased sales success

Key Features

When you utilize Cuetap's AI-powered platform, you'll have access to these key features:

  • AI-powered data extraction
  • Single source of truth that is always up to date
  • Actionable insights

How Does It Work?

Cuetap's AI-powered platform makes it easy to stay up to date with the latest competitive intelligence. The process is simple:

  1. Add competitors: Identify the competitors you want to track and add them to Cuetap's platform.
  2. Automated data extraction: Cuetap's AI will automatically extract data-points about each competitor.
  3. Update and fine-tune: AI and PMM will update and fine-tune the competitor's battlecards with new information and feedback from the sales team.
  4. Use for onboarding and competitive positioning: The sales team uses the battlecards for onboarding and competitive positioning, giving them the confidence and knowledge they need to win more deals.

Price Plans

Cuetap offers several different price plans to fit your needs:

  1. Individual (Free): Includes 1 team user, 2 competitors, 5 prospect cards, 100 pages, 5 daily tracked pages, page change tracking, search, daily/weekly reports, and keywords cloud.

  2. Business ($30/month): Includes everything in the individual plan, with additional features like 5 team users, 200 prospect cards, 10 companies, 1500 pages, unlimited workspaces, read-only workspace access sharing, 60 daily tracked pages, sales Battlecards, automagical news, and automagical blog.

Conclusion: Give Your Team a Winning Edge!

In conclusion, if you're in need of a competitive edge in your sales strategies, Cuetap's AI-powered Sales Battlecards and Competitive Intelligence platform can help you achieve that. With automated data extraction and actionable insights, giving your team the confidence and expertise they need to win more deals has never been easier.


  • Offers both individual and business price plans
  • Automatically extracts competitor data-points
  • Easy to update and fine-tune competitive information
  • Provides actionable insights


  • Additional features are locked behind a paid tier
  • The individual free plan has limitations on usage

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